Acceptance Meditation for the Chakras

Acceptance Meditation for the Chakras by Jennifer Langsdale

Acceptance is by far one of human beings’ biggest struggles…we go over and over the past in our minds trying to come up with the “why?” certain things happen.

Below is an Acceptance Meditation I created. Each chakra has its own powers and struggles, so you can talk to your energy body while reminding yourself of these accepting intentions. If you feel one is a struggle, then maybe focus on that space and talk to it a bit. Sort of your own Body Wisdom™ session on yourself…

Acceptance Meditation by Jennifer

I know and accept the universe’s guidance. (silently say this with awareness at the head)

I see and accept my journey. (awareness at the eyebrow center)

I will speak and accept when to be quiet. (awareness at the throat)

I love and accept all that is in my heart. (awareness at the heart)

I can and will accept my ways and the ways of others. (awareness at the solar plexus)

I accept how I feel. (awareness at the pelvis)

I am accepting of my own true nature.  (awareness at the tailbone)


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12 thoughts on “Acceptance Meditation for the Chakras

  1. Mark Apone

    I really like the first two lines of the meditation about accepting the universe’s guidance and our journey. We should seek out and embrace our personal journey in life, and as long as we keep to our life’s path the universe will support us in achieving it.

  2. Veronica

    After completing this meditation I can really feel which chakras I feel comfortable in and which ones I really feel uncomfortable in. Since a couple of them still feel like ‘false’ statements I will need to work to try and heal that and give that area more focus.

  3. Jessica Sowers

    It is always easy for me to say and feel acceptance of others and things that are “out there”, but boy is it hard to turn that inward and say to and about yourself. “I love and accept all that is in my heart”, was very difficult to say and mean it. Perhaps, some time there is “needed”. Definitely not wanted, but probably needed, lol!

  4. JoAnna

    Going through these, I could feel the energy flow in certain areas as well as the hesitation or disconnect in areas of specific chakras…words can be so powerful!

  5. Maria D'Amico

    This meditation speaks volumes to me. Self acceptance is a difficult habit to get into. With this meditation I am hopeful that I will start along the path to self acceptance.

  6. Barbara

    The upper ones are beautiful and I feel comfortable with being guided by the universe and accepting my journey. Still, the lower ones don’t sit well with me. I had a hard time with third and first. How can upper chakras feel balanced if my root and solor plexus seem so out of balance? Things to ponder.

  7. Jen T

    I did this without reading the areas to focus and was able to feel the areas without the direction. This is an enjoyable meditation.

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