AMOS – A Moment of Silence – Quick Breath Practice for finding peace in a chaotic day

AMOS - A Moment of Silence. Quick Breath Practice for finding peace in a chaotic day

Today I had a moment.

Yes one of those mother moments that occasionally pops up.

There are all kinds of these moments for different people, but what I define as a mother (or maybe even more in general a parent) moment is the desperate need for my friend AMOS, or, A Moment Of Silence.

I feel my jaw start to clench, I cannot seem to get a 2 minute chore or email written without an interruption from a child, cat, cell phone, and I find myself in the middle of too many tasks. My energy is leaking everywhere as I attempt to: Sweep the floor, put away dishes, try to get one child fed, cook the other child’s lunch, go back to the email I was typing or the toy pile I was sorting to take upstairs – all while trying to remind myself to grab a glass of water so I won’t get dehydrated… and then I realize:

  1. I do not have to attempt to do all this at once
  2. It is not serving me or my children to spread my attention to a million things
  3. I desperately need AMOS

Naptime arrives, I get my son to bed and my daughter down for her nap (took awhile of course)…. But, finally, AMOS knocks on my door.

And do I let her in?

No, I’m silly enough to pick the broom up and attempt that sweeping task again. Finally I say “What are you doing???

So I bolt for the tub, read a few pages in a new book, close my eyes and do what I call a power savasana – where you are not asleep but not awake and so relaxed that you feel like you are floating and unaware of your body. This is my favorite place and I can get there in about 2 minutes of breathing, awaking shortly after feeling very refreshed.

AMOS has saved me again!” I think to myself.

So mamas, fathers, busy people of the world… remind yourself that you have a friend called AMOS out there waiting for you to call.

Stress and anxiety are optional.

Suffering is optional.

The choice is yours on how you want to handle your life, check in once in awhile, and own it!

Good luck!

In the meantime, try this quick breath practice to help you in times of great need!

  1. Sit, lie down, do this in the tub, wherever you can take a second to yourself
  2. Take 3 slow deep breaths in through the nose and out through the mouth and tell yourself, “I am letting go
  3. Roll your head and shoulders a few times
  4. Close your eyes
  5. Listen to your breath and try to breathe slowly in and out through the nose
  6. Relax the body with each breath
  7. Notice all the sounds in the room inside and out
  8. Let your mind go from sound to sound, for a moment
  9. Go back to the sound of your breath whenever your head gets busy
  10. Relax as much as you can without sleeping. Just tune into your breath and body


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