Using Energetic Boundaries

Energetic Boundaries Meditation by Jennifer Langsdale

Healing arts practitioners like myself and my students need to ensure we have healthy energetic boundaries in place while working with clients. In fact, anyone can set up these boundaries.

I offer the following meditation in my Body Wisdom™ trainings as a way of defining healthy energetic space when we work with clients or when we are around particularly needy individuals. Those of you with bleeding heart syndrome, have the inability to say “No”, are too guarded and find it hard to let people in will all benefit from this meditation.

This is also a helpful way to ground yourself when you find you are the one breaching others’ energetic space – when you are angry, frustrated, tired, gossipy, judgmental, critical, needing attention or love…we all get like that sometimes, and its ok, but it wont make you feel any better to leave your “stuff” all over someone else’s sacred space like it’s your own dumping ground.

Energetic Boundaries Meditation©

By Jennifer Langsdale

Energetic Boundaries Meditation by Jennifer Langsdale

This is a meditation which can be used as a learning practice or for refreshing healthy energetic boundaries.


Find a comfortable space to sit, preferably in a quiet place. Maybe have some soft music playing.

You should feel warm and secure for this meditation. Sit tall and take several relaxing breaths.

Do a short relaxing body scan through the major parts of your body and tell them to relax. Once you feel centered enough, listen to the sound of your breath and take your awareness from your head all the way down to your roots. Take a moment to practice your grounding cord meditation and establish your energetic connection to the earth.

After several breaths there, begin to visualize yourself in a very safe natural space, your fantasy natural temple. Connect to your surroundings whether it be in a forest, garden, ocean, river, waterfall, jungle…take yourself there. Listen to the sounds of your space, sense the movement and elements present in that space. Feel the texture, temperature, air…

Energetic Boundaries Meditation by Jennifer Langsdale

Once present, you will notice that there is a strong protective animal presence nearby. Ask it to make itself known. Once you see your animal, greet it and ask it to stay close. You animal will respond to this by laying or sitting down behind you, being your energetic backup…

You will start by just seeing your energy body around your physical body, flowing from out of the crown of your head, out of your heart, and out of your root. How does your energy body look and feel? What color, texture, transparency, and movements do you notice? How far does it reach out? Can you practice reaching it out and pulling it back in?

When I tell you that someone is starting to approach your personal space, what happens to your energy? Without even knowing who it is, do you feel it expand, contract or stay neutral?

What if I tell you someone is approaching who you love and feel safe with? You can’t see them yet, but you know they are coming. Do you feel your energy reach out to them and get bigger?

What if I tell you that someone is approaching who you do not care for. This person is a space invader! They make you feel like you can’t get away fast enough…what happens then? Does your energy shrink, try to hide, or withdraw? Instead of this happening, try to hold your own space.

Keep your energy reaching out just like you did with the one you love, but let your energy give off a repellent energy so that when this person approaches you, they understand that you are communicating loving kindness boundaries.

Your energy mantra becomes…

“I am sending you compassion and at the same time I am defining my space for you so you do not overstep your boundaries”

Now you can see this person approaching your sacred space. Your animal is there with you, holding the space…she has your back. Your energy reaches out, and all of a sudden this person cannot see you. They just continue walking, right past you, now with a smile on their face because they can feel the love and compassion radiating off of you.

Give yourself an energetic sigh. Relax your energy. Feel your sacred space around you once more, and know that it is there any time you need to be there. Thank your animal for its support and protection and gradually feel your energy pull back towards your body and release those images from your mind.

Become aware of your surroundings once again, take several grounding breaths and have a moment of reflection. Finally, journal or do some asana to relieve your body after this powerful meditation.

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10 thoughts on “Using Energetic Boundaries

  1. Mark Apone

    I like the imagery of an protector animal in the meditation, it has a very primal feel. I’ve just learned that we can pick up “bad” energy from others without even knowing it and store it in our bodies, which can manifest in physical issues. It’s always a good idea to shield ourselves when working with others.

  2. Jessica Sowers

    I like this practice, the “animal” is a wonderful symbol for me. I do a practice similar to this, but think I’ll begin to add the animal back up. That resonated with me!

  3. Barbara

    Wow! I enjoyed this practice. How healing to include sending love and compassion to someone you haven’t had great boundaries w in the past. My animal came right away and my love hugely expanded when I thought of my son 🙂

  4. Veronica

    This is a very important one for me that I need to continue to practice. I love the animal protector and will continue to use that imagery while protecting my space and creating my energetic boundaries. Thank you for this!

  5. Anna

    This meditation is made me feel safe to feel and not be closed off emotionally to protect myself. Thank you Jen…

  6. JoAnna

    I find this meditation very helpful both in the type of work I do as well as in my personal life. Thank you.

  7. Maria D'Amico

    I will be using this meditation because I work very closely with people on an energetic level. The work can be draining yet fulfilling, but well worth it. It will be easier to to decompress with this meditation.

  8. Jen T

    Energetic boundaries is something I truly need to practice as I give so much of myself all of the time and too freely.

  9. L Hartman

    I read this after we did it in our workshop last weekend. I’m glad to know there’s a copy to refer back to.


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