The Bonds of Womanhood: a Ritual for Women of Wisdom

The Bonds of Womanhood - a Ritual for Women of Wisdom

The Bonds of Womanhood, Motherhood, Sisterhood…

I hear all their voices in my head as I write this, a quiet moment to myself in a usually interrupted life.

Wife, Mother, Business Owner, Goddess of the Joyful Path – all titles that I like about myself, mostly.

The titles I don’t like – Hurt by Others, Fear of Speaking my Truth, Being Seen in My Own True Nature, The Woman Who Walks Alone (pause for long breath) – are all ones that I am afraid of and at times run from.

And the big one, VULNERABILITY.

All the things I love about my life are the very things that make me (and let’s face it, all of us) vulnerable.

I feared opening my yoga studio because it meant a door was opening into my soul for all to see. My studio is a space that somewhat defines me but also gives me absolute freedom. I dislike being in an undefinable space, but at the same time it is what liberates me completely, like change, but I don’t want any of it to hurt me. I like moving on as long as it’s comfortable (another breath), but all in all I know “comfortable” gets us nowhere but to a space we already know.

My sisters, my souls of Self…share in each other a space so intimate and a bond so unbreakable that it makes us whole even when we are broken.

When our hearts are hurt to the most undefinable space, we call out to one another and find each other again. A gracious card in the mail, a visit with tea or wine, a phone call, a whole-hearted soul searching ritual of divine force…whatever healing bond we make with one another, it is the essence of our own true nature that binds us.

I am of course familiar with toxic sisterhoods, ones where the past keeps you together but the present is just unnatural to be in. You have to let go of each other because you know that it no longer serves you anymore, but you scratch the curtains like a cat and meow about being pulled out of your comfort zone and it becomes a painful break up of souls. But eventually you get it together and find the people who bring you back to you. These toxic sisterhoods only happen when we are not truthful with ourselves.

I love my sisters. They’re my family. Even when they are so busy with their own, they will drop it all to wipe your tears away, take you to a birthday dinner of the highest specialties and feed your soul with laughter and love.

For you who have no sisters, and have a longing in your heart, I wish for you to find one another, as there more than 3,301,112,087 of us are roaming the world as we speak, according to

The Bonds of Womanhood - a Ritual for Women of Wisdom

A Ritual for Women of Wisdom

Sit in a circle, and have each woman pass a white candle around.

Each woman will say a silent prayer of devotion and love into this candle, for all the women in the world.

Now light the white candle in the middle of your circle of women.

Take 3 slow deep breaths in and out through the mouth.

(at this point, my goddess gals like a good tonal, raw moment of chant where we just sort of “Om” or make sounds that feel natural to us to raise the energy of our space)

Visualize yourself holding hands with all the women in the world. You have a billion arms, like Durga or Kali, and you’re sharing your inner wisdom with all the women in the world.

We are all one“, just keep telling yourself this over and over or chant it out loud with one another.

Feel free to move and sway or hold the space rooted, whatever feels natural to you and your sisters.

Send that support to women in your mind who need it, women you despise, women who are sick, alone, tired, abused. Women of wealth, business, philosophy. Mothers, daughters, sisters… reach it out to all of them in a million white, black, bejeweled, tattooed, glittery shimmering arms – you see what gives you power.

Now stand up and send your prayers out to the universe. Speak them out loud, first quietly, then louder and louder raising that energy out into the world until you feel it build. Then let it go with a big breath out, exhale completely, then fold forward and touch the earth with your hands, swaying your hips a little…

At this point you can dance, drum, meditate or lie down. You will feel what the energy needs you to do.

Just be yourself, your most authentic goddess self.

Sat Nam, Blessed Be, Namaste.


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2 thoughts on “The Bonds of Womanhood: a Ritual for Women of Wisdom

  1. Aida Faria

    I love your Women Wisdom Ritual. Yes, as women we all feel and yearn for the same things all over the world. Our spirit connects us and our natural wisdom is our gift to each other. Blessings to you for sharing this and for the great Harvest Soup recipe!


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