Transformation & the Sacral Chakra

The Sacral Chakra - Free printable

This time of year is about death, but most importantly, transformation.

Like the death card in the tarot, we see a dark rider, dressed as death, carrying on his solemn journey. But what many forget or do not choose to see, is that the sun is rising and death is clearing the way for new beginnings and great change.

Everything must die. But a part of dying is the living, first.

The streets are littered with dead leaves, but the trees are aglow with such beauty in this transformation of summer to fall that we can’t take our eyes off of them. Porches decorated with pumpkins, cornstalks, and mums. All signs of the bounty of transitions.

We shall not fear this change as the earth turns to darkness once again. This is a time of restoration of balance. Turn off the lights and what will you find?

I often take my students through shadow meditations, one I call the Dark Sister or Dark Son meditational journey. Oftentimes I do this for the second chakra, as we tend to really collect a lot of dust and shadows in this space in our bodies. Our first chakra harnesses our superstitions and fears, and then the second chakra, if not processed, will hoard these things into our emotional caverns.

When we decide to turn a page in our lives, we are taking a risk. We are saying, “I am ready to move on”. But instead of burying these things, we turn to the light and let illumination turn all of those frightening shadows into the truths of our pasts. Then we can move on.

Moving on helps us process our fears and pains. Moving on, forgiving, releasing old stored & stuck emotions, habits and patterns allows us to manifest change. But you have to be willing to do the digging first. Once you start, you will see that it is not that scary. We all have stuff in our junk drawers, we all have parts of our pasts and selves that we do not like, but in the moment where truth, forgiveness, and acceptance transpire, we are free!

So, when you are ready to lay to rest a part of yourself that no longer serves you, practice this little ceremony as a devotion to the Self. Light a candle in honor of your past, your ancestors and all that has gotten you to this point.

Some things you can do to celebrate Death or Transformation in your life:

  • Light a white tea light candle for each ancestor you have lost in this lifetime and say a prayer of gratitude for their legacy.
  • Create a timeline of your life. The good, the bad and the ugly. After you do this digging, decide what you need to bring out into the light and work your way into processing the past. Journaling is a great way to do this or some kind of spiritual counseling session.
  • Have a meditation practice in darkness. Normally we light candles, but for this meditation, sit in quiet reflection in the dark and see what happens. Another way to do this can be to sit in front of a mirror with little to no light and see what you see. (there is a similar practice in Wicca known as scrying with use of a dark glass plated mirror).
  • Have a good sage-ing ceremony at your house, open all the windows and doors, use a good old fashioned corn broom to sweep out your thresholds and windows of dust and critters…sweep all the old out! (If you are local, you can buy sage at our studio, The Enchanted Grove, and I have even seen it at Whole Foods and Mustard Seed stores if you are not local!).

Free Printable Chakra Card – The Sacral Chakra

The Sacral Chakra - Free Chakra Card Printable

>>Click Here to download this printable Chakra Card

Journal these power statements, fill in the blanks and see where it takes you!

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13 thoughts on “Transformation & the Sacral Chakra

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  2. Maria D'Amico

    Reading this post causes me to wonder what dust is stuck in my second chakra, yet also reminds me that it is possible to remove it. It has inspired me to do my own staging ceremony in the hopes that I can clean out the dusty corners of my home, chakra, and mind.

  3. Jessica Sowers

    I like the thought that our second chakra will “hoard” unprocessed fears and superstitions and carry them into our emotions. That is where they can raise their ugly little heads in a moment and sometimes, you can be blindsided by that emotion. Maybe understanding where it came from after the fact, but even sometimes NOT understanding where it came from. Some hidden moment that you haven’t processed or dealt with yet. It truly might be time to let some of the light in!! Thank you!

  4. Mark Apone

    I agree, death can lead to renewal and the death of those emotions and traumas that are causing us pain in our life, which are stored in the sacral chakra, can open space up to bring in good emotions and feelings and expel the traumas those bad emotions are creating in our bodies. I think a great way to clear out the sacral chakra (“junk drawers”) is to hold a deep hip opener, like Mandukasana or Kapotasana, for a few minutes and allow those emotions to release.

  5. Veronica

    I definitely have buried some of my past and left it in the darkness. I realize it’s time to shed light on it and fully process and work through it for good this time. I love the ideas offered for transformation and moving forward. I’m ready to give a few a try on my journey of healing.

  6. JoAnna C

    Working on personal healing and non-attachment lately, I really connected with the notion of celebrating transformations. I think the list of ideas to celebrate death or transformations is helpful and easily accessible to anyone navigating transitions and seeking “light” in life. Thank you!

  7. Anna

    The second chakra is what holds me back from moving on. It’s hard to move forward when you are so weighted down with junk. I;m ready to clear mine out and feel free to move on.

  8. Barbara

    I love the part about transformation. Did not realize that it is the sacral chakra that holds onto all of the fears from the first chakra. Makes sense why it is so hard to move forward when stuck in the past. I thought I have done so much work, but seems there is still so much to go. I will try the ceremonies you listed, very interesting. Thanks!

  9. Jen Troy

    I have been working my sacral chakra for quite some time and unfortunately I have still much work to do. I hear messages daily of the work that I need to continue. I believe I am ready to let go yet at the same time I hold on, change is hard but it is necessary for growth.

  10. Jen T

    I have been working in my sacral chakra for quite some time yet there is still much more to go. It holds me in the place that I am in doing the things that I have always done. Not doing so leads to an overwhelming amount of negative thoughts that I would never place on anyone else but myself. It will be important to come to some resolution in this area for the changes that are necessary to occur.

  11. L Hartman

    I started reading this & thought “Oh no, i don’t think I can handle this right now” but I’m really glad that I read the whole thing. I will try the meditation another day, but I think I’ll find it really helpful.

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