Yoga for the Neck and Shoulders – 15 Minute Yoga Video

Yoga for the Neck and Shoulders – 15 Minute Yoga Video

Neck and shoulder pain can be the effect of stress and anxiety, caused by too much work, not enough counter-pose of daily activities, carrying your burdens around with you by not releasing your old pain and fears, not speaking our truth…

In turn, we may have headaches, chronic pain and tension. We may never feel that deep release in our upper bodies.

A frequent, relaxing yoga for the neck and shoulders practice is incredibly beneficial for you.

The 4th and 5th Chakras

What lives in this area of the body? As you know from this post and this post, in yoga there are energy centers called chakras. These centers move energy through our body and are psychologically tied into our emotions, memories and beliefs. The neck and shoulders house our 4th and 5th chakras, also known in common language as the heart and throat centers of the body.

In the heart, we manifest the ability to love and nurture ourselves and others, forgive, have compassion and acceptance, and move past our old wounds when this space is open. When this space is clouded or blocked, we tend to manifest grief, jealousy, hurt, and the inability to forgive ourselves and others. When this area is blocked we can have common aches and pains from neglect to take care of ourselves or more serious conditions like breast cancer, lung cancer, asthma symptoms or chronic respiratory issues.

In the throat, we manifest the ability to speak clearly, concisely, and feel we have permission to be heard. We are good listeners and have a strong will. When blocked, this space will be constricted, and tight, or for some, the incessant need to talk and never really listen. There will be a tendency to lie for various reasons, even just to get people to see our point of view, and a fear of surrounding ourselves to something above. Health conditions can rise in the form of chronic neck pain, scoliosis, bronchitis, laryngitis tooth and mouth disorders, and so on.

Yoga to release the tension in your neck and shoulders

This short 15 minute yoga practice (in 2 parts – don’t worry, part 1 will automatically flow into part 2!) is just what you need to release, stretch and move tightness in the upper back, shoulders, and neck.

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2 thoughts on “Yoga for the Neck and Shoulders – 15 Minute Yoga Video

  1. Jeanie Bolton

    I really enjoyed this yoga practice for relieving tension in the neck & shoulders. Your emails are a wealth of information. Thank you

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