Everyone’s Favorite Holiday Hot Chocolate

Everyone’s Favorite Holiday Hot Chocolate

I recently served this at my studio’s open house and after being asked for the recipe over and over, I said, I will post it on the blog! Here it is!

Everyone’s Favorite Holiday Hot Chocolate

In a crock pot or large saucepan on the stove on very low heat:

3 cartons of your choice of alternative milk (almond, oat and rice are my fav). You can use vanilla flavored milk or use plain and add your own vanilla, I usually do in mine.

1 bag of semi sweet chocolate chips or carob chips.

1/4 cup of sweetener (optional). You can use maple syrup, brown rice syrup, agave nectar or organic sugar.

Nice additions:

Vanilla extract
Peppermint oil (2-3 drops) or to taste

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