New Year, New You – 10 Healthy Habits for 2015

New Year, New You – 10 Healthy Habits for 2015

Happy New Year everyone!

I know it feels good to kick off the new year while feeling motivated, but it is the coming weeks that will be a challenge to help you create new and healthier habits for yourself. I dedicate this post to the corporate worker and home-bound mommies out there.

Here are 10 fresh & healthy habits you can do throughout your days that will keep you feeling refreshed! Make this your new years check list! I even included a small checklist for you to print out at the end!

1. Start your day right

Skip the coffee. Instead, drink hot water with lemon. It flushes us out, cleanses the palate, and is great for your digestion. Do 5 minutes of stretching, I mean it, FIVE MINUTES. Do some shoulder rolls, neck rolls, a forward bend, a cobra or just roll on your spine and do a few tick tock twists. It will change your whole life and it will get you breathing. Eat an apple – it’s said to have the same effect that coffee does.


I remember someone saying about how the world makes a lot of money on breathing these days. Well it is true, but unnecessary. We have all we need to do it, so do it. Close your eyes, just breathe a few deep breaths in through the nose out through the mouth. Then when you relax do it out the nose as well. One minute of breathing is all you need to get a little balance and clarity back. REPEAT AS OFTEN AS YOU CAN THROUGHOUT YOUR DAY. Set a reminder on that fancy phone you have.

3. Pack your lunch

I find that when lunchtime comes I am rushing around to get the kids fed and I don’t eat as well as I can. When I get a jump start on the day and make a big pot of soup, or just pre-slice up a ton of veggies to get me through a few days to snack on, I eat so much better ALL DAY LONG! Try my daikon soup and eat it will lo mein noodles. It is so good and light! Replace one meal a day for this soup if you want to lose a few pounds, too! For weight loss, MEASURE YOUR SERVING SIZES. Store in containers and the work is done! Then you can grab and go.

4. Power snacks

When you pack your lunch or make that awesome big pot of soup, cut up a ton of carrots, celery, cukes, and whatever raw veggies you like to snack on. Put in a big ziplock and shake with a little pepper, pinch of salt if you have to, or other herbs. Anytime you crave a crunch, go there! Put single servings of organic raw nuts so you can grab and go. Measure the nuts, or we tend to eat too much.

5. Kick the sugar

I mean it. It drags you down and makes you crave all bad things. If you notice, all of this is about food so far. Food is medicine, so if you put toxins in your machine, it is not going to run well. Instead of sugar, eat the opposite. I know it’s weird, but if you eat sauerkraut when you crave sugar it gets rid of the craving. Do a little research on food cravings and see what you can balance. Do not go to the vending machine or keep it in the house or you will EAT IT! You have the power to make the right choices for yourself, so make them!

6. Take 3 stretch breaks a day

When you are at work or at home all day doing chores and taking care of kids, you need to counterpose all that sitting, standing, and crouching over or you will wind up aching, tight and tense. At your desk, stand up, walk around, and do a few stretches for your shoulders, neck and hips. Sit in your desk chair, and cross your ankle over the opposite thigh and lean forward. This is a great release for your hips and back. If you are at home, do a few downward dogs, lay on your back and do a few twists, or do my neck and shoulders video (I promise I will make more videos soon!) These breaks can just be a couple of minutes!

7. Give your eyes a break

New Year, New You – 10 Healthy Habits for 2015

Hey! Your eyes need a break too! Rub your hands together until they feel good and hot and cup your palms over those tired eyes. Take 5-8 deep breaths and then slowly lower the hands away from the eyes. Hey, that got you a breathing break, too!

8. Leave work at work

For those of you who spend more time at work than at home, leave work at work. Remember who you are? Remember that stress is stress and we own that stress so it does you no good to keep it with you all the time. Tell yourself “I will release stress connected to my job” all day long. Let everyone own their own stuff, don’t burden yourself with other people’s “crap”. Don’t just veg out in front of the TV, you’ve got a life to live. Move, do yoga, walk, breathe again, initiate a project that needs to be done, clean, rest, journal, call someone you haven’t talked to in awhile, get a massage… just don’t lose your brain cells to the idiot box.

9. Clean your desk and workspace


Use an aromatherapy wipe to clean down your desk, it will make you feel fresh and uplifted and it kill germs! Buy a salt lamp or a plant for your desk. Do the same thing if you are at home…run a diffuser and open windows even if it is cold for a couple minutes. Let the light in!

10. Drink a TON of water

Buildings that run air conditioning and heat 365 days a year are very toxic and dehydrating to our bodies. Drink water out of a large mason jar or glass of some kind…don’t use plastic. Try to drink your body weight multiplied by .66 in ounces of water a day. So yes if you weigh 100lbs drink 66oz of water. You will feel fuller, more energized, and happier! This is one of those life changing things I have done this year and it has helped with weight loss and overall well being.


Fresh and Healthy Habits Checklist

Click here to grab the printable PDF!

Have some of your own ideas for living more healthily in the new year? Share them on my Facebook page!

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