Glamour, and the Practice of Non-Attachment

Glamour and the Practice of  Non-Attachment


Definition: “the attractive or exciting quality that makes certain people or things seem appealing or special”

Synonyms: allure, attraction, fascination, charm, magic, romance, mystique

Ever wish you could read people’s minds? Wish you knew what was really going on inside people’s heads? Well, stop.

It doesn’t serve you to know.

In yoga, the more you understand the practice of non-attachment, the better off you are. Why beat yourself up over the past? Why worry so much about other people’s thoughts? Your own is all God made you responsible for. If we were supposed to know what was going on in other people’s lives at every second, we would be born with that power.

Facebook is one way you can track what everyone is doing at every second of the day. There it is, what Betty Sue is cooking, wearing, where she is going, what her kids are up too. At her worst, who she hates, at her best, who she admires or what goals she has met.

It is all out there.

You click “Like”, and boom Betty Sue feels like you like her, that you value her, that you are on board with her life.

Is this really good? Feels like a false sense of security to me.

Is it really bad? I don’t know, I just know it is not for me. I want to post my daily stuff to myself and then be rid of it. I don’t want to worship the past any more than the future. I want to enjoy the present moment. Not to the extreme, but in essence. The now.

The connection of those who support and have supported me shouldn’t be done through a “Like” button, but through conversation, touch, and true connection. Those who take the time to exchange in friendship, heart connections, relationships, and the yogic path of any kind is a connection I want to focus on with the little free time I have. The way others go might not be my path, but you bet I honor it if it gets someone to their true source.

We love to glamour ourselves. Live in others’ light. We believe if they can do it, so can we.

But what about living out our own destiny, or even just our lives? What do we want to believe in? What is our soul purpose in life? Ohh, there is that sankalpa again. WHAT THE HECK IS MY DIVINE PURPOSE? Well crap, this is easier to me than the day to day stuff. I would much rather be tracking my divine goal everywhere, but on a day to day level of answering emails, being mommy, being a wife, a sister, a daughter, and running a multi-level business, if I am able to connect to my true source for one second I am grateful. This is the task of being a Westerner with too many outlets to connect. We forget that the one thing we need to connect to is ourselves, sometimes, in an unselfish way.

I know in some ways it is all one big karmic challenge, how you bounce off of other peoples’ stuff like a celestial ping pong ball, or you sit in it until a part of you fades away and you struggle to regain the strength to get it back. I usually choose to cut the cord ASAP, but I am still attached to the people I let go of, and the big words like: betrayal, hurt, loss, grief, sadness, unsupportiveness, abandonment… I feel it haunting me in the background, and I go SHIT! I got to get to my mat, or my meditation seat and try this again.

When that doesn’t work, then karma yoga it is, or the yoga of action. What can I do to heal what I have done or has been done to me? I give lots of energetic pats on the back to those who do their energetic clean up. Even if you try and it is not received, you do your best. All you can do is your best, and pray for love, that you can and are practicing forgiveness and healing your stuff. No one will do it for you.

Please know, because I know how it feels, that you are not alone. There is always someone there. They may not be the someone you thought you wanted or would be, but there is always someone there, and of course, God/universe, ALWAYS has your back. It is not your responsibility to be in charge of what others think, it is up to them to seek the answers if they want them. It is their journey to seek truth if they want to.

So good luck yogi. At times the journey is rough, but it always paves back to that beauty that was always there. You just got to remember it is there sometimes, and waiting for you.

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