How do we overcome betrayal in the most hurtful of moments? Good question, and I would love to hear your responses…

In this moment, I am so grateful for the wonderful and compassionate beings in my life. The ones who are there for you and support you no matter what. Those few true relationships and the hundreds of other little ones that just tell you, you must move on, this is your path.

Pain sucks, that is a fact. Whether it is physical, mental or emotional, pain is pain. But I have learned it is a messenger that something is wrong or something major is about to happen (think labor!).

So this year’s big key word for me has been love. Love has come in and is purging me of all those who don’t truly love me, and is placing them into their paths as I move into my own.

I have to keep repeating to myself: I am grateful, I am loved, I am going to be ok, I am beautiful...and the more I do it, the more obstacles and challenges come up, and the more gratitude I have to rise to the occasion.

We have all been hurt by those we love. I believe in the power of forgiveness, and every day I practice it. But forgiveness doesn’t mean to roll down and let people have their way with you. Forgiveness says I forgive you but I must move on now, so I can be with love and maybe you can be with love if you have an open heart.

I want love from myself, and I am moving on in so many ways in my life because of it. I also know I want to be loved and nurtured too, so the Universe will help me along with that when I am ready again to trust in other peoples’ love.

Why do I write all this? Really it is a conversation I must have with myself every day, so I can feel right in the world again. My friend tells me, “Jenn, it will take awhile to find the new normal again.” She is right, and I know that what was this healing crisis will soon turn to be a healing heart. I love life, I don’t want to miss out on it for one second!

So my words to share with my friends and fellow heart healers is: no one can take your power unless you let them; no one can say awful words to you or not to you directly and not reap the consequences; and no one can take your light and your sparkle unless you let them.

So don’t let anyone take your sparkle, ever. They are not worth it, but you are worth all of that sparkle and love. And the sooner we all love ourselves, the sooner the world will be that special place we all want to be in.

Namaste (if you don’t know already, this means the light within me honors the light within you)

And I mean it. Sparkle away!

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6 thoughts on “Sparkle

  1. Jeanie Bolton

    Thank you Jennifer for sharing these thoughts. I needed to hear them and to apply these thoughts to me. My new mantra is to say that “I am One with the Universe” and just to flow freely with the energy…….not trying to fight it or change it.


  2. Tricia

    The more I love myself, the more I work on my healing, the more I feel the sparkle.
    Not sure I ever knew what that sparkle truly was til the past year. And I don’t say that in a ‘poor me’ way, I really feel blessed! The past couple of years have been so difficult. And my true, overall healing is coming to me through yoga practice.


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