Shake it off, shake it out and create your own ReAwakening

When I named my business Awaken Yoga, I chose it for a few reasons:

  • The letter ‘A’ would put me on the top of business directories and other lists.
  • It was simple and easy to remember.
  • The word Awaken also made sense for the practice.

For awhile I used the tag line, “I have Awakened.”  Well, I can say I finally did.

“Shake It Out” by Florence and the Machine is playing right now…so I think this is a totally appropriate blog writing session. “Shake It Off” was actually one of my favorite songs from Taylor Swift this year, too.  SHAKE IT OFF, Shake it out!

Shaking off anything that no longer serves us is LIBERATING! I invite you to follow my plan…

Shake it off, shake it out and create your own ReAwakening:

  1. Find yoga
  2. Change your life
  3. Ask for divine guidance to help you gain wisdom
  4. Go through heart break and some sort of personal crisis (this is essential for GROWTH)
  5. Dig deep with meditation prayer and asana practice
  6. Do a physical cleanse, up your physical exercise, practice asana that serves you.
  7. Cry a lot.
  8. Find yourself again, but a better more self-compassionate you (shedding some pounds too helps)
  9. Continuing doing the “WORK” for yourself and others.
  10. Enjoy the next journey

I always remind myself, “I ASKED FOR THIS”. When I am challenged by the universe, I need to go back to the desire for inner wisdom, and for truth. Of course I always manage to screw up along the way, but that is why other people need to practice forgiveness for me.

So here are some tools to help you out:

This was my plan for shaking it off…


14 Day Conscious Cleanse on Gaiam TV is excellent


Gift of the Sea by Ann Morrow Lindbergh closes out this phase well. It’s a wonderful book for healing (read it and join our Awaken Yoga bookclub!)


The Ashtanga Primary Series with lots of Restorative Yoga (check out our Restorative Workshops at Awaken Yoga!)


Spend lots of time with your kids, working on your relationship with them, and follow your heart on whoever else you devote your time to.


Go into a deep healing space for forgiveness of self and of others. Simple daily reflections before bed or in the early morning hours to open the heart and let it speak.


Above all, send love to yourself to others and find SELF LOVE is the ultimate goal to happiness.

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