Keeping Promises to Yourself

Keeping Promises to Yourself - Self Care, Self Love, Balance

Don Miguel Ruiz says that one of his four agreements is to be impeccable with your word.

I value his pillars for living so much, and this morning I realized I had breached this a bit. Not with others as much as with myself. Each day I wake up hoping to get an early start, have a moment to sit with my thoughts, do my asana or exercise, have a cup of tea with the sunrise, start my day with some juice from our new juicer and so forth… as my list of personal requests builds, so do my excuses

My excuses are real, of course; I need sleep, my little woke in the middle of the night (that’s a big one), I have too much housework to do, got to get the kids ready for their day or our weekend events… but as my tension builds and my patience lessens, I see that I am losing my grip on my yogic lifestyle.

It was an amazing close to the summer. Moving back to my home after a healthy reconciliation with my husband, setting up house, unpacking, travelling for a week to Maine, many birthdays, anniversary and wedding and then 2-3 weeks of us getting colds and sinus issues… here I am a long time between blogs.

Time gets away from us…

I have had a lot to think about. Fall is my deep creative and reflective time. I love to immerse myself in reading, organizing, writing, and holiday preparation. I liven up the yoga shop with new items and freshen up the playlist for my classes. I also like solitude in my yoga room or bathtub to dig into my shadows.

This year was quite a year. Many friends left my circle, many kinds of relationships blossomed or came to an end, and there were a lot of firsts for my toddlers in their learning world. I can say I did take it all in. I needed it. I needed that time to reflect. I always push to get to the next thing. This time, I just enjoyed it. I spent a lot of time with my kids and with myself, making a lot of good habits… that for the last 2 months I breached.

I am ready to get back to it, and dedicate that time to myself again. I dedicate that chunk of time in the morning to myself so I am happier, healthier and more compassionate to myself and others now.

So just today I got up at 4:30am…yes 4:30… I got up, saw the clock, snuggled back in and decided I wanted more me time than sleep. So I took my time.

I made my cup of hot water and lemon, filled my big mason jar with fresh water, checked my emails and put a time limit of 1 hour on that. Once I reached an hour, it was down to my yoga room for some candlelight yoga, a simple 30 minute practice of just what I needed: hips, twists, and an inversion. Back upstairs from some writing and an important call to my mom, and there is was, 2.5 hours to myself. It flew by, but I am feeling so much better already.

I promised myself each morning to have a cup of tea with some reading that will collect dust if I don’t sit down and take a look at it, while my kids eat breakfast or before anyone gets up. That is important to me as fall is so short… so for October I am making my list. It is simple and obtainable.

What will you do?

Are you keeping the promises you made to yourself?

Jenn’s fabulous morning rise routine:

  • Rise at 5:00 am
  • Take my time waking up. 10 minutes for me is a long time
  • 30-60 minutes of yoga or cardio
  • Outdoor meditation as often as weather permits, 15 minutes
  • Hot shower or bath before the kids are up so I can take my time with that ritual in peace and not in a hurry
  • Healthy start to the day with juice, smoothie or whole grain porridge of some kind (will have to make double batches so it’s easy to just grab and not make a sound!)
  • Switch from having hot water and lemon or tea outside or in with a magazine of choice 20 minutes

Daily & Weekly Goals

  • Drink lots of water
  • Exercise daily, even for 15 minutes
  • Get outside as much as possible
  • Reduce sugar when holidays kick in, enjoy nature’s candy of fruit instead
  • Eat less but more flavorful foods, like currys, adding fresh herbs
  • Spend lots of time with the kids and husband
  • Try new recipes!

Tips for you:

Try my recipe for curry
Try my detox soup
Try my neck and shoulder routine!


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