Do What Feels Good: Inspiration for the Winter Solstice

It has been awhile since I have written because to be honest I really didn’t have much good things to say.  Life has been putting me through some strong storms a bit with family dilemmas and small business worries, so I put the writing on hold because I really wanted the next time I went to write something to be about how wonderful and peaceful life is…

Of course, I know this, that peace is always there, you have to seek it by calming your thoughts, embracing the present moment for what it is, accepting what was and what is, and practicing loving kindness, even when you are surrounded by inner or outer turmoil.

Ask and you shall receive.

With my inner turmoil at its peak these last few weeks, even restorative yoga, deep stretch and a good cardio workout, I could not take the edge off of my inner discouragement.  I wanted to speak my truth, I wanted to find forgiveness and kindness, but all I could seem to find was anger, frustration, and unhappiness.

I even heard my creepy snake of an inner voice (my own little private devil, you know like the one in the cartoons) would perch on my shoulder and hiss…I AM NOTHING.

It would get louder and louder and louder till it would consume me.  Every time I saw or heard something that upset me, anytime I felt unsupported or unloved, I heard this little devil, anytime I saw something on social media that was hurtful or people shouting in pain I heard that snake.

But snakes, they are wise, they just get a bad rap.  They live belly to earth, so they must listen with their bodies to survive. I started doing that. My snake was forcing me into survival mode.

“Take better care of my body” I heard.

“Connect to yourself on a physical level first.”  I did a little cleansing with my diet, manageable, and felt a shift.  I increased my personal yoga time. I got out and did some yoga stuff at other studios.

Ok next!

“Connect to your heart body.”

I sent out a ton of Christmas cards and wrote things to people in them so I could connect to all those people who love and support me and I could share that with them.  I still have more to write, it makes me feel so good to do that! I also increased my meditation practice and slipped in some more bath time by candlelight…my personal favorite way to have alone time.

“Connect to your Throat & Sacral Chakras, he hissed.”

I kept quiet, mostly.  I did not really say a lot about what was happening to me, mostly because we move through stuff so quickly sometimes, why dump it all over someone else. I attended to my emotional body, I cried, A LOT, and gave myself permission to and really talked to myself about what I felt. I gave myself permission to feel what I feel.

I finally said, DO WHAT FEELS GOOD!

Stop working so hard to get into the shit of it all, and just feel good for once! So, the yoga, the baths, the cards, the extra hugs to the kids, reading a magazine…all contributed to me feeling good in a very dark time.  I wasn’t skirting around anything, just bringing balance and some peace.  No one should tell themselves: I am nothing.  I would never allow my friends, students, loved ones to ever put funds into their belief jar about that, then why should I?

So, now that we are here, with the Solstice, I give you some ideas to do for YOURSELF. No one can do it but you!  Re-light your inner light. What dreams do you carry inside? What are you visioning or hoping for?

Now for the fun stuff, here are some things you can do to invoke Winter Solstice Clarity:

Peaceful Solstice Tips

  • Make some hot chocolate! (follow my recipe)
  • Hot aromatherapy baths, right now I am enjoying a few drops of pine or fir to my baths with orange essential oil… yum!
  • Write a card to someone who needs support
  • Make homemade gifts, something simple, like room sprays, potted herbs or bulbs…simple, affordable, but unqiue
  • Spend time with friends or if you are exhausted in solitude with candles, lights and soft music
  • Walk outside at night, look at the stars, see your breath your life force!
  • Read my last years post about yule!

Yoga Poses for Winter Solstice

  • Do a lot of side bending to open up the lungs, my favorites have been side opening anjayneasana and parvritta upavishta konasana (twisting wide legged seated bend)
  • Do some gentle twisting for tension release and to stimulate sluggish digestion like thread the needle or seated spinal twists
  • Do an inversion for strengthening your breath practices and for the health benefits 
  • Forward bending increases introspection and releases tension from the back body
  • Supported Heart opening like sphinx or laying back on a bolster to increase your heart body energy

Journaling Inspiration

  1. What has been illuminated in your life since the summer solstice?
  2. What are you making or have made peace with?
  3. List 10 of your greatest gifts
  4. How do you feel when you are truly rested? How did you get there?

I love Christmas cards, they are my favorite gifts especially when friends write me a note in them.  Send me a card by leaving me a note here or mailing to 7312 Center Street, Mentor OH 44060.


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3 thoughts on “Do What Feels Good: Inspiration for the Winter Solstice

  1. Veronica Respecki

    You are such a beautiful soul…you shine bright on those that come upon your path. I am grateful to have you in my life as you are such a blessing. Thank you for sharing these lovely ideas. Taking photos. mindfully and with the intention of REALLY seeing, is another one of my favourites. Photos of those you love…in their natural state…and of nature….or anything that catches your fancy. Capturing those are also perfect for when you need a reminder of something beautiful in your life! Love you! V xoxo

  2. Jeanie Bolton

    Watching beautiful morning skies and sunsets outside are very soothing. Gazing up at the stars at night really puts things into perspective for me. The vastness of our universe makes my big problems shrink to a tiny size. I go outside each day and thank my Holy Father that I am alive to appreciate the freshness of another day. As I see you work through your problems, I realize that I too, can work through mine.
    Thank you for sharing and I’m so glad you are close by. Wishing you a peaceful holiday.


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