Birth of Venus: Making February your Month of Self-Love

February means self-love in my book…

All of January I did the right January things this year.  Instilled better eating habits, got back to getting up a bit earlier, enjoying some quiet time, organized all my tax stuff, started up my new tax stuff records, cleaned and organized, set my goals including the ones I wrote about in my last blog, Joyful January and stuck to it. What I did differently this month than other years is I made a plan for February, so when it came it would be like a whole new 30 days of living, and I am dedicating it to acts of self-love.

I decided if I did all my January “chores” I could take some time in between work and life to dedicate myself to some Aphrodite time.

Who is Aphrodite you ask? Well, well, by some she is known as Venus and she is someone I have come to know the last 2 months. I felt a stirring that I needed her back in November.

She is a symbol of love, self-love, creativity, fertility, beauty, and the flora of life.

I set out to find me some symbols of her I had around my home. I found my old statue my mom bought me years ago of a beautiful maiden, ordered a few pictures on line, laid out some pink fabric on my altar, and went to town with the creative juices last month in my writing, my business planning and so forth and found myself more inspired than ever!  Placed out some shells, a fresh sage wand, and my oracle cards and WHALA!

Birth of Venus Inspirtation

Birth of Venus Inspiration

My lovely Aphrodite Statue

My lovely Aphrodite Statue

My venus picture gifted by my hubby this year.

My Venus picture gifted by my hubby this year.

Once thing she sparked was some me time .

A dedication to me honoring my inner beauty and what sparks my original inspiration in my life.

So I came up with a list of things I have wanted to do for me based on what I asked myself, Where does my original inspiration and zest for life come from? These are my ways I energetically shift myself into a new phase in my life or even just a simple mood change. :

  1. Dancing
  2. Singing
  3. Yoga
  4. Writing
  5. Gardening
  6. Music
  7. Reading
  8. Massage
  9. Friend love fest day

So I dedicated that I would do the following things I thought Aphrodite would do for herself, and lined up my schedule for this month with:

  1. Schedule 2 dance classes
  2. Participate in my friend’s monthly chant circle
  3. Dedicate myself at the new moon to a 30 day ashtanga journey with a fellow yogini friend
  4. Set up my garden in my gardening software
  5. Pick up my guitars for 20 mins a day and get back on the music playing boat
  6. Write, write, write
  7. Part of my new years goals were to read 2 books a month, so set aside my new reading material.
  8. Book myself my massage for the month and schedule a hair appointment

I know this seems crazy to have to outline it to myself, but if I don’t make it that important it will never happen and it will be March before I know it. And March will be a month all to itself with other goals, and a busy work month, so I will be attending to that when it comes.

So why not??? In the shortest month of the year be wholly dedicated to me, love goddess of self, Jennifer!!!  I am worth it, and so are you!

A friend of mine taught me this chant which I included for myself on days I needed healing or Aphrodite’s loving touch:

Strong like the ocean…

Gentle as Rain…

River take my tears away….


So, what can you put on your calendar right now, that will be good for you this month?

This Tapestry has been inspiring since I got it, it hangs in my office and I love it so much!

This Tapestry has been inspiring since I got it, it hangs in my office and I love it so much! Click to learn more about this amazing artist.



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