Joyful January: Really applying what you learned in 2015!

Last year, if you followed my blog, you might have noticed a trend: connecting to good self-awareness, love, self-love, healing, forgiveness, compassion and personal power.

As I turn the page on another year, these things really are in my energy and consciousness all the time, and I am practicing my next step on my yogic journey which is a deeper understanding of inner wisdom.

I really hope to understand how to do the following: communicate my truth without hurting or unkindness, honor myself and my own boundaries, let not taking things personally be taken to a higher level, and to always do my best.

In the background are these powers: it is none of my business what others think of me, patience is my word of the year all across the board including within myself, and to let others own their stuff, and not try to take ownership all the time of what I could have done differently, I do that enough, it is time to rest and just be me for a change.

As for my word of the year: PATIENCE is connected to everything I tried for last year. It is a commitment to change, a more loving and kinder heart, a cleaner mind, and a more peaceful way of living.

Making up a fresh planner, putting up a new calendar and making my new year intentions journal, I realized a big part of that was keeping those around me who love and support me, my health, my business, my lifestyle, and my family a priority. That those who need to fade out or leave the circle can do so with my blessing and my internal understanding that I am whole as a person no matter who surrounds me and they can be too.

I am not in this life just for me and my own needs.

I really believe that we all live on this earth, connected to one another, and to keep my thoughts clear of the mind clutter and thoughts that don’t serve me or them. If unkindness and selfishness is going to be a part of someone’s palette when they think of me, it is none of my business, especially if they do not come forth and speak to me about it.

Venting can be a problem, especially if it is viciously done and not just to organize your thoughts. It is one thing, as sometimes just getting the words out can help, or writing them down, but if you do not speak your truth to those involved, then how will anything change? Snarky, snotty comments only hurt and offend. Anger usually can give way to healing, but only if the pressure of it can subside a little before a conversation has been had. Working through things is just as it sounds, WORK!

Try this as a rule of thumb: if someone were to overhear you vent, or say what you thought of them without them knowing you were around, how would you or they feel about that? Never say anything out loud you don’t intend to have repeated…

I am a better person this year already.

I wake up each day practicing what I think and speak about to my students. I am not just one of the hokey people saying, “Like totally send them love, for sure!” Valley girl style, you know, and we don’t even mean it or do it. That does nothing for me. I do send people that are unkind to me love, and it is real and honest, they need it as does the world. I do talk myself through conversations that are important in my head and on paper before I have them. I don’t speak casually as I used to, to friends, family or students, in a need to check myself on not wasting energy on poorly executed words or stories. I do try to be patient even when I feel my energy is about to lose its hold.

I am not perfect. That was never the goal. The goal is to be a kind, loving, good, impeccable with their word, always doing their best person. But here is the deal. The package that it comes in is me. I am honest, direct, bold at times, guarded at times, sarcastic some of the time, and usually on the side of happy and joyous a lot of the time. That does not make me a bitch, a bad friend, a poor listener, intimidating, or unkind, as I have been told I am and I had started to believe. Those are beliefs that do not honor me.

I understand myself and my goals now.

I know I am a good person, mother, friend, colleague, teacher and as are some of the people who say bad things about others. The thing is, this year, above all, I am OK with me being me. Are you?

Self-Reflection exercise:

What are the things YOU do not like about yourself?
What are the things OTHERS say to you or behind your back that they don’t like that you have come to know about?
Do you want to change those things or part of those things?
Can you love yourself everyday no matter what?
What is your word of the year?
What can you do or let go of to get yourself aligned and living that word?

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