A Passion for Poetry

A Special Guest Blog: A Passion for Poetry

I am so inspired by the people I meet. If I had not met the people I have in my life, I would not be who or where I am today. One such person is my dear friend Melanie Livengood. I know, who gets a last name like that??? Melanie wrote a poem for my wedding, and has been published in some various things, like the We’Moon calendars, which for a rockin goddess gal like myself was a huge accomplishment! Here is a sampling of her thoughts to inspire you and more guest blogs to come each month!

Writer’s Muse

The soft lines of a blooming orchid
Sunlight filtered through fall leaves
The sharp wail of a newborn baby
The tears of a widow who grieves
The way my heart swells, full of love
And the pain when it’s been broken
The excitement pulsing through my body
When something inside has woken
All these things inspire me
To capture my thoughts while they linger
For I was born with ink in my blood
And a pen tip on my finger


Dance enchanting
Swaying, twirling
Flame and smoke tails
Rising, curling
Drumbeat, heartbeat
Rhythmic pounding
Feel the circle
Growing, rounding
Energies are
Bursting, growing
Freely flowing

melanieMelanie Livengood is a poetess, mama, wife, and Northeast Ohio native who finds inspiration in both the extraordinary and the mundane. She’s been writing poetry almost as long as she’s been able to hold a pencil, and it brings an incredible amount of peace and joy to her life. She has been blessed with opportunities to share her poetry through vehicles such as the Cleveland Plain Dealer and the We’Moon 2010 daily planner, and now this incredible and lovely blog.


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