FOCUS: Find Your 5 Minute Bliss

Where have I been for that last month? Trying to FOCUS!

I feel like I have no time and I even am taking a mini-sabbatical from teaching my evening yoga classes to tie up some loose ends in my personal and work life. I realized there are not enough hours, arms, legs, and me’s to make it through the day. So, I told myself to rest when I can, and FOCUS.

I threw my back out a bit after just getting over a long knee injury. Why is this happening, I ask myself? Well, I am not focused on any one thing. I notice at times I don’t even know what my kids are saying to me. I was way behind on my emails until this evening, behind on certain tasks, so I made my priority list and just started checking it off. My back was telling me to FOCUS.

I have been sleeping too late (7AM) is too late for me, and going to bed a bit too late too. I miss rising early and getting my yoga time, quiet time or meditation time in, and I feel rotten about it. I am achy, tired and short tempered. I need to FOCUS on getting that time back.

It does not take long now for me to switch modes from whiny, cranky, & bitchy, but this last month especially, after being beaten down by two legal issues going on, (small ones to the “system”) but nonetheless, a big deal to myself, family, business and property, I realized my focus was all wrong. I was focusing in on all the “stuff” going on around me that I have minimal control over, putting too much energy into strange human behaviors that again I have no control over, and getting tired of being the victim.

So yet again, take the power back and try to shift gears and FOCUS on what is important. Improving processes, improving my feelings, being grateful for what I do have helps, but when you have so little time to spend with yourself and with your loved ones, you feel that disconnect/hard to plug in feeling. Especially when your career is standing upon energy, creativity, and health and delivering that to your clients. So, I am taking the time to FOCUS on breathing again, and finding space to do so.

My personal spaces, like my office, bedroom, and devotional space are a mess right now. They are being torn apart, and getting ready for a make-over, so that place of decision making is here and I am too tired and not in the right mind set to make those decisions. Instead of getting upset about it, I put that stuff to the side and FOCUS on what needs to be done so I can get there. It does not have to happen all at once that things get done, but it is helpful to make those lists and see where I want to spend my time.

I know this is a short and sweet post, but I wanted to reach out and give you my 5 minute tip list to how I focus in the middle of chaos.

5 Minutes of Bliss

  • get up and move, yoga or walk for 5 mins
  • lay in savasana in the sun if you can for 5 mins
  • breath for 5 mins with your eyes closed
  • boil some water for tea and while you wait do anything on this list
  • walk away from your desk and responsibility for 5 mins
  • joint rotations and a self-neck rub for 5 mins
  • cuddle a fur baby for 5 mins
  • cuddle a kid or partner for 5 mins
  • read an inspirational quote and close your eyes and ponder for 5 mins
  • Just practice 5 mins of positive thinking, the old law of attraction

Lastly, take some non-negotiable time for yourself, like a yoga class, massage, walk in the park, go to dinner, or make dinner with some good music on… whatever you need…it is non-negotiable, tell yourself that when you try to forgo it… Good luck!

Try my blog on Crow pose for ultimate pose focus!

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