Day 1: Initiating your Tranquility Sadhana

This will be your day to set forth your intentions to acknowledging 30 days of devotion to your intentions. This is a powerful day, and since it is the kick off, it is usually an exciting day. It’s every day after you have to commit to the changes or intentions you are making. My biggest tip is to wrap your mind around your intentions, these are your fuel. It is easy to get off course, as you will see below in my day’s experience.

Woke up at 5am to a thunderous sky. Slept in the chair so I would not oversleep, got up with no alarm, and drank a glass of tepid water. Grabbed my yoga mat, and stepped onto my porch in pre-dawn light.

So beautiful to here trees move, thunder, birds and be awake when nature rises. I started my Chandra Namaskara rounds, just 5 this morning, I want to have time to walk for a bit before the rain.

I kept my mind just calm and still for my 5 rounds, moved with a slow deep breath and enjoyed my body’s cooperation with the asanas. It was a really warm and humid morning, almost 80 degrees when I woke, so my body was loving that it did not really need to “warm up.”

After my 5 rounds, I tossed my mat inside and took a short walk in my bare feet. That is when my intention came to me. It was very simple, and I was really grateful for that.

“I release all negativity”

“I seek clarity”

As I walked, I chanted this in my mind the whole time. I chanted it into my chakras, my crown, my third eye, my throat, my compassion chakra, my heart, my solar plexus (really needed it there), my sacral, and my root. I physically felt those intentions run in rivulets down my legs. I couldn’t ask for a better kick off morning to practice, walk and write.

(If you are new to doing internal intentions, try my acceptance meditation)

On to my daily tasks now with work and to get ready for tonight’s body blessing!

Today’s interruption was an argument. I took a walk after with my mind and breath reeling, and I noticed that I almost could not remember my intentions. AH HA! It really caught me off guard how stress and anxiety will block me from my healing. It makes total sense, but to have it really in my face this time was quite the third eye opener. After I calmed down, I started to chant my intentions again and focus on peace. It took one big block for me to turn the page on my anger and enter into quiet. That is not bad, already I am seeing a difference.

I settled into the nighttime routine and I noticed that the argument really wiped me out. Since it was about stuff that I have been dealing with for awhile, I noticed that it is an energetic leak for me, so I just rested and read a chapter in a book and let my mind and body relax. I normally would have been cleaning or doing more desk work, but I felt that would go against this whole sadhana’s purpose.

After the sun started to set, and kid’s were in bed, I felt a little shift in energy and knew it was time to proceed to my body blessing. Here is today’s self-ritual suggestion. I hope you enjoy this sacred time with yourself!

Body Blessing

iStock_000024043046Medium Gather the following items: a ceramic or glass bowl, white or clear is best, distilled or purified water, flower petals, fresh herbs, rosewater, and essential oil of choice are all nice to have. If you only have the water and the bowl, that is fine!




  1. I did my ritual outside, so I also grabbed some incense for the bugs, a blanket, and a rose quartz mala that I wanted to cleanse in my bowl of water.
  2. I took my second fresh candle from my dreams come true set to light after my blessing.
  3. Make yourself a patch where you can hopefully see the moon-rise.
  4. Fill your bowl with your items and sit for a moment and breath three big breaths. If you practice Reiki, you can charge your bowl.
  5. Now dip your hands into the water, placing your fingers and hands on your body at each part, you can follow my suggested dialogue or make up your own for each major part of your body.
    1. Bless this head and mind, and let it think peacefully and mindfully.
    2. Bless these eyes so they may seek clarity.
    3. Bless these ears, so they may listen patiently.
    4. Bless this mouth to speak wisely.
    5. Bless this throat to carry life’s elixers into my body.
    6. Bless my heart and chest, may it nurture and feed my soul.
    7. Bless my arms and those they hold.
    8. Bless my hands and all they create.
    9. Bless my belly and the fire of life inside me.
    10. Bless my pelvis and the life force inside it.
    11. Bless my legs and feet, for they carry me swiftly.
    12. May the moon bless my body. (repeat as many times as you want)
  6. I washed my feet with a soft towel and sat under the moon for sometime.
  7. When it was time to come back to my body, I lit my candle and headed inside for sleep.

Good luck with your first day, you can’t do wrong! Remember, even if the kid’s don’t let you get on by yourself, things don’t go as planned, it rains, the bugs eat you alive, just modify it so it works for what is happening in your life!

Shanti Blessingss,


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3 thoughts on “Day 1: Initiating your Tranquility Sadhana

  1. nancy

    Started smudging my space I practice in. I felt a peacefulness. Than I smudged before I taught a yin class, it felt calming to the space, and class

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