Day 2: Finding Tranquility on a Normal Day

Getting myself to this point…

IMG_8888I had my youngest over 2 years ago, did you know she was 11lbs? The birth and the weight gain really imbalanced my body, but putting my body back together has made me much stronger and wiser. I feel like this is the first summer where I don’t have pain and really have enjoyed feeling strong again.

It was time to get my mind and spirit bodies to catch up. That is when I finally started to notice back in May this year, my major disconnect to really acknowledge myself and my creativity, and bring myself back home in my 30’s. Since having my two children, we have moved, and I opened my studio. I have watched so many things develop and grow around me. Now that I have a little more freedom to think, pause and reflect with myself again, I feel my spirit start to nudge me to come back home to myself.

Day 2 was about taking time…


I rose at 5am again.   Washed my face and heading downstairs for water and yoga. It was about 10 degrees cooler than yesterday’s morning practice, so my first couple of rounds were a little disjointed, but I still enjoyed opening up my body. I stuck to 5 rounds, and let my mind relax into my breath.

After my 5 rounds of Chandra Namaskara, settled into a deep hip opening practice. I wanted to release my hips, which are the water center of your being and open my back body for Urdhva Danurasana, or Wheel Pose.

I am not an advanced morning practitioner, I like my morning practices gentle, but this morning, I was looking for release, and nothing does that better than some deep hip release and back bending for me. See my morning practice below for your own practice ideas. I finished off with my walk and upstairs to write for an hour!

I made the conscious decision to enjoy the day with the kids, so after swim lessons, we hit the beach for a long while. We enjoyed the sand and surf, and I enjoyed the sun nourishing me from inside and out. What I did not enjoy was how much my mind wanted to focus on people’s bodies. Comparing them, judging them, and so forth. So, like any good meditation practice, I let the thoughts come, as my mind has been so conditioned to have them for the last 3 decades, and then released them. This is a meditation practice I found a long time ago in a book called Meditations from the Tantras. I wrote about it below if you want to try for yourself.

I focused on my nutrition a lot today, since it was my 3rd day without sugar, and its been about a week without wine, I knew it could be a hard day. Surprisingly, I had no cravings, but did not feel well when I went to sleep, a little head-achy, which is common with a detox. Remember, this whole sadhana is all about making conscious decisions, and conscious and mindful thought patterns!

Here is my sample menu if you need some food inspiration:

Meal Ideas

  • Oatmeal for breakfast with slivered almonds and raisens
  • Grilled tuna salad from Aladdins for lunch
  • Melon slices for snack
  • Peach smoothie after beach, and I made and extra for today in the freezer
  • Mahi burger in a wrap with leftover tomato, cucumber salad for dinner
  • Chocolate Avocado pudding with coconut for later, I will get that recipe posted for you this week! It is so delicious! If you want some on the fly, check out Erika at her amazing CLE Juice Box in Mentor, Oh!

Yoga Practice

Untitled design

Jennifer in Hanuman, Matsyandrasana, Kurmukasana, Urdvha Danurasana

  • 5 rounds of Chandra namaskara
  • Prassirita paddotanasna (standing wide legged forward bend) and inserted with head stand prep  5 breaths
  • Cat/cow for as long as you like
  • Hanuman (splits) or Ardha Hanuman (half Splits) 5-10 breaths
  • Double pigeon (or seated crossed legged position and bend forward)
  • Twist grasshopper prep (cross one ankle over one thigh seated. bend the bottom knee so your knee comes up into your chest, and twist in the driection of your top foot)
  • Matsyandrasana (sage twist to the other side)
  • Kapotasana (1 legged pigeon)
  • Switch sides
  • Urdhva danurasana (wheel or substitute bridge pose as a modification)
  • Savasana (enjoy as long as you want!)

 Meditation for Releasing Bad Thoughts

I do this “meditation” or mindfullness practice in motion usually when I am around a lot of people, like the beach, store or post office. It starts usually because my mind wants to judge people, so I start to pull back, let the thought come and then I zap it!

  • Take a few breaths
  • Notice your negative thought, whether it be about yourself or someone else
  • Notice it and let it roll through your mind
  • Then, once it is really there in the front ground of your mind, visualize a giant bug zapper or bolt of lighting, take a big breath, exhale and zap it out of your mind.
  • Let the next thought come in, and repeat until you feel a bit more calm.

See you tomorrow magic makers! Keep posting your thoughts, it keeps me going strong!


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5 thoughts on “Day 2: Finding Tranquility on a Normal Day

  1. Jessica Sowers

    LOVE the idea of the bug zapper! I always used the idea that they turn into smoke clouds and slowly blow apart and drift away, but I’m going to try this. I think it will be more effective and not so lingering!! Thanks Jenn!

  2. Nancy j Kekst

    Passing clouds, I try that visualization. Judging reminds me of harsh thoughts, and i realize they are mostly to and about myself, I just mask it as as judging others. The idea of zapping ones thoughts into the positive is good for me. I need to admire that persons strength to stand in their own sense of their beauty. And learn that lesson myself.


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