Finding Tranquility Everyday: Creating your own Self-Ritual

Making a Promise

I made a promise to myself a long time ago, to take care of myself, to nurture my soul, to be creative, to take risks, to look at the world and people with kindness, compassion and without judgement.

I made a pact to myself to love myself as I am, to rid myself of all the should, all the ideals, all the failures, all the thought patterns that no longer served me. I continuously work on myself and these things and apply them to my daily life.


This way of living is not like being at an ashram or retreat center, where you get the quiet, the tranquility provided in the atmosphere, the food served to you…it is the atmosphere of my mind that matters and my heart. I see how it impacts my kids, they are my mirror, when I am not practicing mindfulness and living from my heart. I see how I jump to conclusions, overreact, give in to anger, emotionally overreact with food or too much wine and sugar.

I never tell myself anymore that I deserve things as an excuse to ambush myself. I don’t reward myself, living happily and mindfully is enough for me. I stopped saying who I needed to look like or compare myself too. I started to love my legs more. I started to accept my body. I noticed my negative thought patterns and how much energy I was devoted to self-hurt rather than self-love. I really devoted my mind to the power of acceptance of self-image and where I am in my life. I forgave myself.

Then an idea sprouted…I will be successful in all I do. I will overcome my cycle of self-doubt. I will move on. I will move ahead.

I set an intention at solstice to really take better care of myself, and get to know myself, and did a body blessing. I have intimate time with myself at night. I do chakra scans and talk to my guides before sleep. I take my time doing things with my kids, not rushing, not getting upset, I remind myself I do have time to enjoy what I am doing. I do have time to live how I want to live.

I am grateful for all I have. I really accepted myself, and my diet. That was huge for me! I don’t eat that bad, and I should not feel guilty about it. I just needed a little more awareness on why I eat sometimes…assess my triggers and food. I really have come a long way and it is all from cleaning up my mind.

At new moon, I revisited these intentions and promised myself at the next full moon, coming this week on July 18th, that I would engage myself in a self-care sadhana. A much needed cleanse of the mind and body, now that the heart is starting to clear, I have got to get the rest in line.

jenn camel

This will be a sadhana of balance, tranquility, and peace. I want to engage these things in all life facets, even the challenging ones. How can I move these experiences more organically and without so much stress, fear and worry? How can I manage my interactions with people better, especially the ones who do not engage in my lifestyle?


This is what I hope to learn in my 30-day dedication, you should do the same if you want to join me.

I have a few goals I want to fulfill, some private but some I can share with you.

I will cleanse my body, so I would love to enjoy eating all this summer produce and fresh food with very limited processed food, dairy or anything beyond what is plant based and fresh for most of the time.

I will allow myself some grains and we have a few weddings so eating around those.

I would like to refrain from alcohol for most of the time, really limit down, but not say no to everything, since those restrictions don’t work for me.

I would like to make sure I swim a few times a week in the lake or somewhere, to tune into my mermaid water energy, which to me is liberating and creative.

I would like to increase my meditation practice, no magic number, just increase it on how long I do it and how many days a week I commit to it.

I will dedicate most of this sadhana to cleaning up my unhealthy habits, and getting on a better schedule so I am ready for fall.

If I could sum it up in one statement my sadhana’s purpose, it would be: Nothing I do to myself for 30 days will be harmful to myself, others, and the earth, which would be the hardest, but I can make an attempt.

Every time I drive it is harmful to the earth, so I will try to walk or bike more.

If you would like to join me this week, I would love to feel your support. Everyday, I will post something via email or on this blog that I hope will be inspirational to you to take care of yourself. In taking care of yourself, you do take care of everyone else.

I will post a full moon body blessing on July 17th, so you have a way to initiate your sadhana. I suggest making a list of obstacles, making a list of goals that are feasible, and start small and go from there. Start to churn on this a lot this week, so you have lots of inspiration to work with before the full moon.

 I have a ton of info on my blog under the Self-Ritual tab, check it out and feel free to write or email me with questions!

In peace and love,


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4 thoughts on “Finding Tranquility Everyday: Creating your own Self-Ritual

  1. Mary Katz

    Sounds wonderful and well needed. Thank you so much. I will try this also. I really need some motivation!


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