Getting Prepared for Your 30 Days of Tranquility


Last night I kicked off my preparatory night so I could always be a day ahead of you, and offer you my real perception into this journey. I hope you enjoy this journey. Do what you can do, and what is feasible for you to do at this time in your life. That is a part of being in the state of flow with Chandra…The Moon. Remember my intention for this 30 days is to only do things that will take care of me, or do my tasks in a way that is non-harming to me.

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I did a quick thorough clean to my house and to my studio yesterday, cleaning all my sacred spaces, and refreshing the items on my altar or focus centers in both spaces. This is important, as your sacred spaces in your home represent the state of our lives. While I worked, I just kept running my reasons for doing this through my mind.

Today, or tomorrow before the evening, you will want to make sure you have the following things done:

  • Clean and organize your living and sacred spaces to satisfaction
  • Make a list of what items you may need, like food, fresh candles, incense, tea or wine.
  • Tonight refresh your altar or make one so it is ready. Journal your intentions and/or pull an oracle card for guidance. Try to get to some yoga tonight or practice. Feel free to take a good salt bath on any evening or morning of your 30 days.
  • Tomorrow you will need a glass or ceramic bowl, salt, flower petals, essential oils or fresh herbs, and a fresh candle for our body blessing
  • Tomorrow morning you might want to set your alarm early for yoga, I will provide you with the lunar salutation sequence today so you can print it if you are unfamiliar.

TIP: look up the meaning on colors or essential oils or herbs so you fuse your body blessing water with good intention, OR just use what you like and inspires you.

Last night’s Preperation Ritual

Last night the moon was nearly full, so beautiful. The weather was balmy, and the sky a bit cloudy. There was a hazy ring around the moon. Your first step tonight when you prepare yourself. Just acknowledge the nearly full moon, look up at her and share your intentions, your worries, your fears, and your releasing statements. Here is what I did to help you with inspiration.

  1. Quick clean house, especially surfaces with kid imprints with frangrence free dish soap and 10 drops of peppermint essential oil in my sink, that makes me feel really clear headed and fresh.
  2. Organized my altar with fresh candles symbolizing: black for release of negativity, and inner balance candle made from coventry candles, a dreams come true candle set from coventry candles, tranquility incense, fresh flowers from my pots, and whatever other items I felt would help keep me focused.
  3. I picked 3 oracle cards from my favorite decks and journaled on their insight.
  4. I took all my crystals and heavily worn jewelry and placed them into a heavy white bowl with sea salt in it, a jar of fresh distilled water, and one of the candles from my dream set that symbolized spiritual clarity outside. I placed the bowl and candle into my little sacred garden and poured the water over the crystals, smudged with sweetgrass, and lit my candle while engaged with the energy of the almost full moon.
  5. I quietly said, “Moon that is almost full, I seek your clarity”. It worked for me at the time, so say what you feel.
  6. I hung out with the moon for a little with my family, then made a list of my grocery needs for my food intentions for the week. Nothing complicated, just lots of fresh fruit, veggies and fruit slices for water. I bought some moon tea from a local shop yesterday I planned to brew this week.
  7. I slept by an open door to catch the breeze and see the moon last night.

Local Places to Shop for Sacred Space Stuff

If you are not local, try your local health food stores, yoga shops or even whole foods carries a lot of candles and stuff.

Learn your Chandra Namaskara, I will be doing a minimum of 5 rounds each day!  Each pose is a breath or more, just move organically and stay as long as you want in each asana.




I would love to hear your comments each day, your tips, your ideas to add to the community spirit of this 30 days. I am ever so grateful to see your comments!



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8 thoughts on “Getting Prepared for Your 30 Days of Tranquility

  1. Jennifer Young

    Thanks for the inspiration Jenn! I visited Enchanted Grove and picked up some goodies. Got some fresh flowers and some good food. I’m going to start my day tomorrow with Chandra Namaskara and end it with some moving meditations and a fire. Happy Full Moon my friend! Thanks for sharing! XOXO

  2. Evelyn

    Hi Jenn! I am so excited to participate in this journey with you. Your posts have inspired me!!! I am using my Conscious Spirit Oracle Deck that you gave to me, used the Energetic Boundaries book to help me choose candle colors, Little Moon Essentials from your store, and my own stash of essential oils. I am so excited to journal, do yoga, and meditate in front of my alter this evening. Thank you so much for all of your wonderful ideas. You are amazing!! I look forward to your blog tomorrow!!


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