Finding Tranquility Everyday Day 21: Morning Tranquility Meditation

Good Morning!


Today marks that threshold of being close to the finish of our 30 days. With limited setbacks, I feel I have really accomplished something these last 21 days. I am excited to bring to you and audio recording for you to enjoy for your meditation practices.

At this point, I would suggest you try to engage in a 10 minute practice now, everyday. This would be a great investment in your time and is an easy goal towards developing a meditation practice. I enjoyed my practice outside today. I feel the most tranquil and detached outside. Outside, I am away from my office, my chores and my family, so I can really engaged in some much needed quietude.

I hope you enjoy this short practice. You need around 13 mins to listen to the whole audio, but eventually you can skip the intro and just do the breathing and meditation pieces. I wish you a tranquil day!

Benefits of Meditation and Mindful Breathing Practices

  • Better Sleep
  • Improved Concentration
  • Feeling of Balance in the Mind and Body
  • Clarity of Thoughts
  • Mindfulness
  • Better Listening Skills
  • Reduction of the Monkey Mind

Nadi Shodanum and Meditation Audio

Enjoy this Audio introducing you to the channel purification breath and self-guided meditation practice. All you will need is a quiet place to sit, a comfortable way of sitting in a chair or on the ground so your spine is straight, and a way to listen to this recording.


Mudra or hand positioning for Nadi Shodanum Breath

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