Finding Tranquility Everyday Day 22: Building a Tranquil Vision Board

Only a Virgo would put Tranquility and Organizing in the same sentence. I iStock_000025919769Mediumhave to admit, when I am organized, my thoughts are organized, my time, and my practice. When I can just sit at my desk without moving a pile of paperwork, that means I have a clean slate to work with.

I have been making small payments to have shelves made for my office to a woodworker. I am getting closer to getting it done, and I am thrilled, since I spend many hours a week in my office space for my business. The paper work pile up has been increasing since my life involves a business, kid’s, a rental property, and whatever else I am trying to learn about in life.

Yesterday, I took at my bulletin board, which is a sort of vision board. It starts out clean on New Year’s, and then gets cluttered up with lists, calendars, my sons crafts from school, oracle cards, quotes and inspirational finds of all kinds. Well, it was so cluttered, I think I stopped looking at it. Yesterday I took it all down.

I needed a fresh start.


The way I look at it, I set one year goals in January, and it is August, I got 3 solid months left to accomplish some things I set I to do this year. As I took down items off my board, I started a list of what I wanted to finish this year. It really helped empower my thoughts. Remember the planting your celestial garden blog? Well this fell along that track.

I am only as powerful as my intentions.

My intention to focus on what is important is essential to my life. I am excited to build an end of the year vision board. So my list of goals includes:

  • Finishing my online herb school program
  • Fall Gardening and Planting
  • Planning a full day with my mother this fall
  • Saving for the holidays
  • Schedule my birthday week off
  • Spending an afternoon at the Herb Society in their library
  • Getting to the Art Museum
  • Winning our court case
  • Finish something I am writing

So, here are some vision board ideas you can do to get yourself ready for fall. Think of this as a self devotional space for your wall. I like doing it as a bulletin board, rather than a poster board collage because I think to take things down as I accomplish them. I think keeping your list to 10 things or less at this point in the year will be good.

You will need

  • Cork-board or something to pin things too
  • Your power list of end of the year goals, be realistic
  • A few things to charge it up, like positive quotes, poetry you like, pictures that inspire
  • Thumbtacks
  • Flyers for events you want to attend
  • A print out of a calendar maybe highlighting some possible end dates if you like that to keep you on track.
  • Maybe your word of the year, cut out and posted real big for to remember
  • Your intentions written out clearly at the top of the board.
  • Any other things that you feel will inspire you.
  • Save some room to add to it later, and remember to check in on your board once a day to remind yourself of your visions
  • Clean it up every new or full moon

When you are ready, go to town pinning things up. Make it your own personal, real live pinterest board. I am excited for this approaching full moon. I feel the energy building towards my intentions, but just how my life is lining up.


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