Finding Tranquility Everyday Day 24: The Tranquil Timetable

Today, I would like to add to my tranquil vision board, a way of seeing how I am spending my time. It is silly really that most of us need to do this. Our days are so busy with all of our duties that it is important to build the self-awareness of where we spend our time. It is important to set the intention on how we WANT to spend our time, and where we can make space to be more efficient with the other stuff.


Taking your time travel power back.

Every year I get this really cool planner from Leonie Dawson where she has us do this, and I really enjoy taking a moment to see what I am doing with myself. Since I have really young children, the last few years has been remarkable on how my timetable changes. When we are caregivers, business owners, take on more education, get a pet, our devotion to self care really goes down.

These last 24 days is to show us we can have self-devotion and care with the pockets of time we have dealt to us. So, if you want to do 2 charts or 4 charts, enjoy this little self-awareness exercise and get as creative as you want. Make it up in an excel spreadsheet or get your color pencils out, whatever works for you.

Making your charts


  1. First, draw 2 big circles for your first set of pie charts.
  2. The first circle will be divided on how your spend your time in general, so you will see things like work, family, childcare, intimate relationship, creativity stuff, exercise, yoga, self-care, meditation, cooking, learning, cleaning, shopping, gardening, writing, fixing things, reading, social media, TV and so forth.  This is your own thing, make it tailored to you, and make buckets that make sense.
  3. Take a breath, look at your first chart and start to vision where you want to adjust your time.
  4. Then start on your next chart which will be your wishlist chart. How you really want to spend your time. You can make this a realistic attempt or a chart full of intention.
  5. Print them and put them on your vision board.
  6. If you like, repeat this but for a daily time table on how you spend your time from the time you wake till the time you go to bed, so for example: 5:30 am rise, morning wake up routine; 6:00 am morning meditation and movement; 6:30 am hot water and lemon, writing; 7:30 am start kitchen chores, laundry, and kids wake up and flow from there just dividing up your day. Account for travel time.
  7. Make your second chart on how your would prefer your normal workday to go, and maybe a chart for weekend time.

PS: You can get crazy and make one for each day of the week if you have a crazy schedule like mine. That seems like a lot of work, so I just made one big one and made a misc time box for taking care of kids, household stuff, and business stuff, since I just go with the flow on how that gets done most days. You can make one to see where your finances are going too and your dream table for that!

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