Finding Tranquility Everyday Day 25: Opening Yourself to the Elements

A large tranquil factor in my teaching and spiritual practices is working with the elements. The elements, meaning earth, air, fire and water, are a way in to finding the way we need to move and manifest in our lives.

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Are you inspired by a certain element in your life? I bet you are. Look around your home. Do you see seashells scattered about? Maybe potted herbs, stones or crystals? Butterflies and Dragonflies? Do you love the desert, sand, sun, heat and vast sky? Do you have a candle in every color and scent?

What do the elements do for me?

The Elements have a way of organizing us energetically. If we are really strongly connected to one element, it probably means we don’t dip into the celestial bucket of another very often. That can lead to a leak somewhere within us or a block, and we know we need to get connected.

There are elements in our bodies and everything around us. Most of us are attracted to one or two specific elements, and find it easy to connect to them. My two are earth and water in my home. I work with all the elements in my practices of cooking and spiritual connection. See which elements you connect to the most.

The Elements



Air as a sensory experience, can be translated as the wind on your skin, the rise of smoke from a fire or incense or a bird flying in the skin, wings spread. It is said to be the connector of intellect and thoughts. Musical notes from a piano, flute or stringed instruments. The grace of a ballerina. The language of the heart and the air we breath.

Air can be found in the symbol of animals of flight, feathers, incense, wind, direction of east, music, butterflies, dragonflies, and the colors white, yellow, lavender and pale blue. We work the air element to connect to the imagination, intellect, inspiration, and communication. If you are an Aquarius, Gemini, or Libra you are ruled by the element of air. Spring is the season of Air. Goddess inspiration would be Saraswati, Isis, and Freya.



Earth is our grounding force. It is our roots, heritage, tribe, and immovable strength. The earth is our cookery skills, our ability to grow things from soil and seed, our natural connection to nature and her beasts. It is the harvest, birth, bounty, abundance, and sacred ceremony of creation. The earth can be rich dark brown or gray for rock and deep earth, or the green we see on the surface. It is the mountains, hills, prairies and fields.

Earth can be found in the symbolism of trees, ground, food, pawed and hoofed creatures, the direction north, the colors green, brown, black, deep purple and maroons, and the season of winter. We find earth connected to our ability to manifest abundance, fertile soils for inner and outer growth, and mother earth connection. Herbal work and healing is a big part of the earth element practices. If you are a Taurus, Virgo, or Capricorn you are ruled by the earth element. Goddesses like Lakshmi, Gaia, and Demeter are inspired in this element.



Water is our flowing and emotional force. We can flow through riptides, torrential rain, ocean waves, seasides, and winding rivers within ourselves. Water is our sensual element, invoking a Venus like quality to our passions. It is our ability to ebb and flow in our lives and to connect to our lunar rhythm. Water carries our cleansing intentions through.

We find water in our dreams, emotions, and thirst for life. We connect with water through sea creatures, swimming, bathing, the direction of West, blues, sea greens, and crystaline colors. Symbols like roses, pearls, mermaids, shells, and the lotus flower are connected to water. If you are a Cancer, Scorpio, or Pisces you are ruled by the water element. The goddesses we connect to here may include Aphrodite, Yemanja, and Amphitrite.



Fire invokes passion, energy, and igniting force in our lives. It creates a space for warmth, passion, and determination. It has the strength to wipe out earth in brute force and create change weather we like it or not. It is transformation, willpower and fickle if untamed. Fire needs the other elements to exsist, which is interesting. It needs air to survive, and earth to give it is burning mechanism. We use water to put it out, and cool ourselves down. You see it everyday in the warmth and power of the sun, and its ability to sustain our lives. It is ENERGY. It is the ability to manifest quickly.

You can connect to fire with candle lighting and solar connection. Animals like snakes, salamanders, lions, and clawed animals and reptiles. The element of south and living in that direction where the suns heat is most intense. The colors red, orange, yellow, and gold inspire the fire energy in us. If you are a Leo, Saggitaruis, or Aries, you are ruled by the element of Fire. Goddesses like Durga, Hestia, Brigit, and Pele help connect us to the fire element.

The Tranquil Elemental Connection

We can find peace and tranquility when we go with our natural force within us. Artists need to paint and create to find happiness. Cooks need to feel the power of that life force energy in their food. Musicians need to play to feel inspired. We all need that connection. What is your connection? Where would you say you would want to spend your time in nature the most? What yoga poses do you like the most? Take a moment to connect to the source within you!

Best Yoga Poses for the Elements

Earth: Seated Forward Bends and Supine Asanas

Fire: Core working asanas, arm balancing and Surya Namaskara

Water: Chandra Namaskara and Deep Hip Opening

Air: Balancing Asanas and Heart Opening Asanas

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