Finding Tranquility Everyday Days 26&27: Tranquil Magic


Some words are so delicious to say. This is right where I needed to be this month, enjoying some time that started with those words.

I took a day off from writing, but not from our sadhana. I needed the extra time to rest and prepare for one of the most magical days of the year for me. August is one of my favorite months. The harvest season is here, the grapes hanging heavy on their vines, the drone of the night insects. I love it all!


I love how hot is has been. Not everyone is a fan, but to really feel my bare feet, to not feel cold at all, to be able to go outside whenever I want is a luxury to me. Exploring myself this last month has left me hungry for seeking more within me. I have been noticing my behavioral patterns, and also noticing where I can stand to take some power back.

Yesterday, I prepared for my special day with a close friend, by baking blackberry oat bread to honor the harvest time, studying what we were going to explore within us, lighting a ton of candles, sipping red wine (yes one glass, and guess who got major sinus drainage from it…yours truly), and doing a seated meditation to receive messages for seeking clarity in our lives.

Here were some powerful messages I received.


  1. Red Wine makes me sneeze and my body was not happy to have it.
  2. I absolutely must continue to work my inner magic to find tranquility.
  3. I really need to do my yoga stretches everyday for my body to heal and maintain health.
  4. In my meditation, I saw a ship with a dragon head. I realized it was the same image I saw on an oracle card. When I looked up the meaning I saw voyage but also bringing it all home. What I have put out there is about to return to me from its celestial journey.
  5. I saw a waxing moon. That is the phase of growth and bringing intentions into the light.

Other things happened too, but those I will keep to myself, a girl needs a little mystery.

People have asked me how my cleanse/sadhana has been going. Here is what has gone well: no sugar, not one slip! No wine for the most part, not bad at all! Writing everyday for this journey! Way less gluten. Keeping my intentions close to my heart and at the foreground of my thought patterns. Being able to look in the mirror now with love for myself. Working really hard to clean up bad habits.

What I have not done that I had hoped to do: Get the daily exercise routine and a longer yoga routine down. I move a lot, I run around all day with the kids, at the studio, cleaning the house, shopping and so forth, but I cannot seem to find the right blend of movement practice for me yet. That is next, because it is important to me that I stay strong my whole life. I also have some heart chakra clean up to do.

We have 4 days left on this cycle we began on.

Take a moment to do a quick reflection on your accomplishments and what you want to continue to work on for yourself. I can’t wait to chip away at my vision board list! I hope to chip at something everyday!

Work on your closing practices too for Full Moon this week. You will want to close out your sadhana, so make sure you mark down your calendar for that this week, and your how to close out your sadhana post will come in the next day or so. There are so many creative ways to close this out, make it your own. Find the magic within you that wants to speak up and be heard and listen to it!


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