2016 The Wrap-up! Mindfully Wrapping Up this Year


Wow, did that go at lightening speed.

I know we all say that, but this year especially flew by.

One thing I did do this year was really pay attention, and tried to be present in my actions. I also did a lot of inner work this year with my intentions and Sankalpa. I think I did more than ever, based on the limited personal time I get with my toddlers and business. I was able to focus more on what was important.

Changes I saw:

  • PATIENCE-my word of the year, has improved greatly
  • Being in the moment, not worrying about the near future
  • Staying on top of my daily task list
  • Knowing what is important and not giving into selfish acts and mindlessness
  • Being a kinder presence in my own my to myself and others, this is a top priority for 2017.

This year I was able to make a huge business decision to expand my yoga studio’s space. A lot of people say it must be crazy and stressful. Actually, 5 years ago, it was when I first opened. This time around, I am staying patient and calm and trying not to be anxious about things.

My biggest goal is balance my work time with home time, and so forth, around a soon busy moving and opening schedule. Each day I start with a 5 top task list and work on those first, then move onto what ever is next.

I have changed my perspective on life a bit. I chose this year to release control, to embrace being OK and self-acceptance, and to really work the 4 agreements: never make assumptions, don’t take it personally, always do your best and be impeccable with your word. (Check out Don Migual Ruiz’s book)

I take self-responsibility to heart for how I live and think in my life, but also now allow that to be the case with others. My biggest sense of “dis-ease” in my life was feeling responsible for everyone and everything, and making sure everyone thought well of me.

Well, that is not my choice to make. Who wants to carry that responsibility around with them of worrying about what others think and do for their own self-care? It helped to set better boundaries for myself and I learned how to say no, with kindness, but with a healthy boundary for myself.

Choosing to spend a lot more time connecting with my little ones was the best choice I made. This summer, I decided more beach days, more outside time, more park time was necessary, or I would wind up just sitting at my desk responding to emails all day. I did a lot to move around my work schedule to try to create more space for my family. It did not hurt my business numbers, and only helped me be a better mother and wife.

What I noticed from all these little tid bits I share? I am calmer, kinder, have more patience, and work more words of kindness. I don’t have as much to complain about. The complaint cycle really only happens when I am with people who complain, but I catch myself and say,  “I think I will just listen with compassion and not join in on that cycle.” I feel better for it, and less weighed down.

Lastly, I really improved my own sacred ritual times. I really had to down size that part of my life when I had infants. This year I was able to find my quiet time at the early hours of morning, or sometimes late at night, and implement my asana practice, meditation, and exercise. It is very important to me to stay strong the older I get. I really do not like feeling unhealthy in my body. I hope to carry this into 2017 even stronger.

Now wrap up your year, sit and make yourself 2 lists if you like, one for closing out your 2016 year, and one for your intentions and hopes for 2017. Keep the list concise and stick with it. Each week, re-visit it, and record your thoughts. The power of intention is the strongest with repetition.

Here is a snippet of my 2017 list:

  • Word of the year: KINDNESS
  • Intentions stem from conscious communication of love, compassion and kindness
  • Body love time with moving prayer, strong asana practice, light weight training and swimming, and more outside movement time.
  • Continue strength of family and devotional family time
  • Create a community awareness in my business and implement some programs to benefit all walks of life
  • Continue to expand my studies in the fields of herbs and aromatherapy
  • Keep my thoughts mindful and aware as much as possible

A Moment to Reflect

lantern on windowsill

Ask yourself, what did I learn, let go of, and accomplish in 2016?

What do I want my main theme or word of the year for 2017 to be? (Remember, no negative words, this is not a resolution)

Who will support me on my path of inner growth and who can I let go of?

What is my biggest dream of all and what can I start to do this coming year to invoke that dream in my life?

Good luck and happy New Year to you and yours. Enjoy the beauty of the season wherever you are.



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