Happy New Year: Reflections & Intentions

Not to be a cliché, but yes, this past year did move fast. I have so much to be grateful for in 2017.  As the wheel turns to another New Year, acknowledge all that was, and move into this moment for all that is. 2017 was a good year for release and to live in fullness.  I found much to hope for within myself, my life and all around me in 2017, for that I am grateful.  

My new year suggestion for you is to pick a word to represent what it is you seek in your life to live in wholeness and happiness. Ask yourself, what do I need? What will sustain me? What will heal me? What do I need to learn? Go from there in truth, and see where it gets you!

Why one word?  I find this will help focus you and give meaning to the karma or action you seek in each year. I learn immensely from this practice, and explore deeply each new word I choose. I run it through my mind, I use it in intentions, I journal on it, meditate on it, and sometimes just let it simmer on a back burner and it finds me again and again…


May your word find you!

2017 Reflection

I enjoyed watching my children grow, my son turning from toddler to boy.  Watching them both become strong in body, and capable in mind. See them swim, jump, run, laugh and play, full of life and promise.I watched my business in its new location grow and thrive within a community of people who fully participate in what we hope our new space would do: heal, inspire and grow. Saw what the power of a team of like minded people can do when we stick to our goals and intentions.

At home, I grew my formal education in Aromatherapy Sciences. I paid attention to the environment more than ever to the point where I had sleepless nights over it all.  I worked to thrive my body, and finally after 4 years being post-natal, made a deep connection to what my body needed. I observed my relationship, felt it to my core, its weaknesses and strengths, and pray for healing and abundance in 2018.

I released many things about myself that no longer served me as I worked with my word of the year: GRACE.  That was no easy task.  I tried to be present, to honor others needs of me as well as set boundaries for my own. I watched my thoughts, heard my cycle that was ever present within me, and worked to resolve them.  I opened my heart, closed my heart, re-opened it again and worked my kindness and compassion like never before.  I still have plenty of room to grow, but I feel I put myself in a good space for that growth.

Sally Kempton wrote in her book Meditation for the Love of It “Grace is the energy that connects us to the ultimate truth, to the source of our being…grace is insides us, after all, never distant.” I remember reading that on New Year’s Day this year and feeling very overwhelmed at my choice of words for this year, but of course all the pieces fall into place when you trust in your guides.

2018 Intetion

I have many goals and lists to write, as usual for this time of year in my personal life practice. I like to get organized and excited over what is next, but more than ever, I choose to be present.  To hear the quietude of winter, to watch the snow, to see my children in front of me wishing to stop time so they can stay young and innocent forever, cherishing lasting moments in this time of my life.

In many ways, grace led me to a place of arrival.

This last month, I conjured my next word of the year through meditation and an open heart . I rolled many words into my mind, but as all sankalpas and intentions go, there is only one thing that is connecting them all, which is the source we seek when we do this work.   This year will be REBIRTH.  I sank into this word earlier this month when I saw myself in a vision breaking free of a beautiful golden egg, flying high, ethereal and beautiful in every aspect.  We know birth is no easy task for either party, but the end result is joyous and takes your breath away.

My mantra will be to feel. I pray for the 360-degree view, I don’t want to miss a thing, and then the focus be to what is important: family, relationships, home, community, happiness, mother earth, peace, love, kindness and connection. May you all rise above, may you all know you are loved, may you all know you have the support you need. See you in the new year.

With Grace and Anticipation,


Write your Lists to close out and begin again!  Here is my top 5 top focuses from 2017and 5 important seeking’s for this year:

2017 insight and accomplishments

1.       My education

2.       My relationship

3.       Physical fitness & health

4.       Environmental impact

5.       My inner self: grace, confidence, taking ownership

2018 action list

1.       Continue to reduce environmental impact: garden and permaculture moves

2.       Strengthen my meditation and mindfulness practices

3.       0 Debt

4.       Travel

5.       Living in my heart awareness


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