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Finding Tranquility Everyday: Closing Out Your Journey

Do you remember why you began this journey with yourself?

IMG_0750 JL

I know why I did. I wanted to feel happy everyday and more consciously aware of my life. It was important to me to set some goals and see them through. Being curious about myself again, and ground myself a little.

Thank you to those to read everyday and for your kind words, I have never done anything like this before, at times it felt vulnerable to have to share so much. It is nice to know you are not alone in what you feel.

As this cycle comes to a close, a new one will begin. I hope you will all continue on with the goals you set for yourselves that made you feel good. Release the things that do not. Love yourself everyday, you deserve that!

Suggestions for closing ritual


The full moon is tomorrow. I suggest an outdoor closing if you can, or somewhere where you can catch a glimpse of the moon.

  • Have a moment or a day of silence at some point to honor your final period of reflection
  • Have a little sacred body time with a juice cleanse or just eating very clean all day.
  • Do a longer yoga practice in the morning or before bed.
  • Take a nice bath with candles, bath salts, the works, before you close out your 30 days.
  • Close with another body blessing. 
  • Chant a mantra you feel connected to like the Gayatri Mantra, Om Mani Padme Hum or anything that opens the heart for healing. Sway, move and rejoice in the freedom of your own voice.
  • Review your journal entry’s and what you noticed or learned. Make one more entry to close out what you need, and to see what you will continue to work on going forward.
  • Pick an oracle card for a divine message connected to what is in this moment important for you to notice.
  • Sit peacefully as long as you like, until you feel complete.

If you feel you are at a crossroads, continue on. Take the path that is right for you, or meditate on the choices you have. We all have choices on how we choose to live our lives. I know what it is like to be the outsider in how I choose to live and I hope you get the love and acceptance you need. Take your time getting there, as progress may feel slow at times, but true change at the core will take time. Know you are being guided, and that you are never alone.

With love and gratitude to all of you.

Gayatri Mantra

Bhuh Bhuvah Svah
Tat Savitur Varenyam
Bhargo Devasya Dheemahi
Dhiyo Yo nah Prachodayat

“We meditate on the brilliance of our Supreme Being who is our creator, inspirer and source of eternal Joy.  May this warm and loving Light inspire and guide our mind and open our hearts.”



Finding Tranquility Everyday Day 28: Having Tranquil Fun

What is tranquil fun you ask?

I can tell you what it is to me. A hot day, a cold drink, and hanging out with people you fancy. Today, I got to do that 3 times over!

After all my hard work on myself these last 28 days, I have to say moving into the close of this journey, having fun really never crossed my mind. How silly is that? I thought about my intentions, my yoga practice, my spiritual practice, meditation, cleaning and organizing, gardening, cooking, but fun never once crossed my mind.

Fulfillment did cross my mind and all the many questions that go into that, but fun did not. I guess one more magical ingredient to add to all this. Good ole’ kick in the pants laughter and smiles. It is some of the best medicine for the soul.


When was the last time you had fun? Like a smile was glued to your face?

When was the last time to surrendered to a desire that would improve your life, not hinder it?

When did you take the option of releasing stress and to-do’s for something you really wanted to do?

Some of us are better at this than others. No matter what, it is OK, but don’t forget to make it a part of your bucket list like me. I really like having fun with my kids, and seeing them have fun, but as a parent, it is hard to relax into the fun when you have so much responsibility to take care of someone too.

So where is the tranquil fun?


For me, less responsibility in that moment, and more relaxation. Just being able to enjoy the moment, but knowing everyone else is too in their own way. Sharing moments with people I love and trust. Knowing I can be myself in those moments. Understanding I am safe and secure, and all is well.

I would say tranquil fun is being at ease with myself, and enjoying the moment, not wanting to be anywhere else.

Give yourself permission now to schedule something you know will be fun and laid back in these last four days. Close this out on a high note, and focus on your successes and happiness. I wish you all the happiness in the world and more!

Finding Tranquility Everyday Days 26&27: Tranquil Magic


Some words are so delicious to say. This is right where I needed to be this month, enjoying some time that started with those words.

I took a day off from writing, but not from our sadhana. I needed the extra time to rest and prepare for one of the most magical days of the year for me. August is one of my favorite months. The harvest season is here, the grapes hanging heavy on their vines, the drone of the night insects. I love it all!


I love how hot is has been. Not everyone is a fan, but to really feel my bare feet, to not feel cold at all, to be able to go outside whenever I want is a luxury to me. Exploring myself this last month has left me hungry for seeking more within me. I have been noticing my behavioral patterns, and also noticing where I can stand to take some power back.

Yesterday, I prepared for my special day with a close friend, by baking blackberry oat bread to honor the harvest time, studying what we were going to explore within us, lighting a ton of candles, sipping red wine (yes one glass, and guess who got major sinus drainage from it…yours truly), and doing a seated meditation to receive messages for seeking clarity in our lives.

Here were some powerful messages I received.


  1. Red Wine makes me sneeze and my body was not happy to have it.
  2. I absolutely must continue to work my inner magic to find tranquility.
  3. I really need to do my yoga stretches everyday for my body to heal and maintain health.
  4. In my meditation, I saw a ship with a dragon head. I realized it was the same image I saw on an oracle card. When I looked up the meaning I saw voyage but also bringing it all home. What I have put out there is about to return to me from its celestial journey.
  5. I saw a waxing moon. That is the phase of growth and bringing intentions into the light.

Other things happened too, but those I will keep to myself, a girl needs a little mystery.

People have asked me how my cleanse/sadhana has been going. Here is what has gone well: no sugar, not one slip! No wine for the most part, not bad at all! Writing everyday for this journey! Way less gluten. Keeping my intentions close to my heart and at the foreground of my thought patterns. Being able to look in the mirror now with love for myself. Working really hard to clean up bad habits.

What I have not done that I had hoped to do: Get the daily exercise routine and a longer yoga routine down. I move a lot, I run around all day with the kids, at the studio, cleaning the house, shopping and so forth, but I cannot seem to find the right blend of movement practice for me yet. That is next, because it is important to me that I stay strong my whole life. I also have some heart chakra clean up to do.

We have 4 days left on this cycle we began on.

Take a moment to do a quick reflection on your accomplishments and what you want to continue to work on for yourself. I can’t wait to chip away at my vision board list! I hope to chip at something everyday!

Work on your closing practices too for Full Moon this week. You will want to close out your sadhana, so make sure you mark down your calendar for that this week, and your how to close out your sadhana post will come in the next day or so. There are so many creative ways to close this out, make it your own. Find the magic within you that wants to speak up and be heard and listen to it!


Finding Tranquility Everyday Day 25: Opening Yourself to the Elements

A large tranquil factor in my teaching and spiritual practices is working with the elements. The elements, meaning earth, air, fire and water, are a way in to finding the way we need to move and manifest in our lives.

Untitled design (2)

Are you inspired by a certain element in your life? I bet you are. Look around your home. Do you see seashells scattered about? Maybe potted herbs, stones or crystals? Butterflies and Dragonflies? Do you love the desert, sand, sun, heat and vast sky? Do you have a candle in every color and scent?

What do the elements do for me?

The Elements have a way of organizing us energetically. If we are really strongly connected to one element, it probably means we don’t dip into the celestial bucket of another very often. That can lead to a leak somewhere within us or a block, and we know we need to get connected.

There are elements in our bodies and everything around us. Most of us are attracted to one or two specific elements, and find it easy to connect to them. My two are earth and water in my home. I work with all the elements in my practices of cooking and spiritual connection. See which elements you connect to the most.

The Elements



Air as a sensory experience, can be translated as the wind on your skin, the rise of smoke from a fire or incense or a bird flying in the skin, wings spread. It is said to be the connector of intellect and thoughts. Musical notes from a piano, flute or stringed instruments. The grace of a ballerina. The language of the heart and the air we breath.

Air can be found in the symbol of animals of flight, feathers, incense, wind, direction of east, music, butterflies, dragonflies, and the colors white, yellow, lavender and pale blue. We work the air element to connect to the imagination, intellect, inspiration, and communication. If you are an Aquarius, Gemini, or Libra you are ruled by the element of air. Spring is the season of Air. Goddess inspiration would be Saraswati, Isis, and Freya.



Earth is our grounding force. It is our roots, heritage, tribe, and immovable strength. The earth is our cookery skills, our ability to grow things from soil and seed, our natural connection to nature and her beasts. It is the harvest, birth, bounty, abundance, and sacred ceremony of creation. The earth can be rich dark brown or gray for rock and deep earth, or the green we see on the surface. It is the mountains, hills, prairies and fields.

Earth can be found in the symbolism of trees, ground, food, pawed and hoofed creatures, the direction north, the colors green, brown, black, deep purple and maroons, and the season of winter. We find earth connected to our ability to manifest abundance, fertile soils for inner and outer growth, and mother earth connection. Herbal work and healing is a big part of the earth element practices. If you are a Taurus, Virgo, or Capricorn you are ruled by the earth element. Goddesses like Lakshmi, Gaia, and Demeter are inspired in this element.



Water is our flowing and emotional force. We can flow through riptides, torrential rain, ocean waves, seasides, and winding rivers within ourselves. Water is our sensual element, invoking a Venus like quality to our passions. It is our ability to ebb and flow in our lives and to connect to our lunar rhythm. Water carries our cleansing intentions through.

We find water in our dreams, emotions, and thirst for life. We connect with water through sea creatures, swimming, bathing, the direction of West, blues, sea greens, and crystaline colors. Symbols like roses, pearls, mermaids, shells, and the lotus flower are connected to water. If you are a Cancer, Scorpio, or Pisces you are ruled by the water element. The goddesses we connect to here may include Aphrodite, Yemanja, and Amphitrite.



Fire invokes passion, energy, and igniting force in our lives. It creates a space for warmth, passion, and determination. It has the strength to wipe out earth in brute force and create change weather we like it or not. It is transformation, willpower and fickle if untamed. Fire needs the other elements to exsist, which is interesting. It needs air to survive, and earth to give it is burning mechanism. We use water to put it out, and cool ourselves down. You see it everyday in the warmth and power of the sun, and its ability to sustain our lives. It is ENERGY. It is the ability to manifest quickly.

You can connect to fire with candle lighting and solar connection. Animals like snakes, salamanders, lions, and clawed animals and reptiles. The element of south and living in that direction where the suns heat is most intense. The colors red, orange, yellow, and gold inspire the fire energy in us. If you are a Leo, Saggitaruis, or Aries, you are ruled by the element of Fire. Goddesses like Durga, Hestia, Brigit, and Pele help connect us to the fire element.

The Tranquil Elemental Connection

We can find peace and tranquility when we go with our natural force within us. Artists need to paint and create to find happiness. Cooks need to feel the power of that life force energy in their food. Musicians need to play to feel inspired. We all need that connection. What is your connection? Where would you say you would want to spend your time in nature the most? What yoga poses do you like the most? Take a moment to connect to the source within you!

Best Yoga Poses for the Elements

Earth: Seated Forward Bends and Supine Asanas

Fire: Core working asanas, arm balancing and Surya Namaskara

Water: Chandra Namaskara and Deep Hip Opening

Air: Balancing Asanas and Heart Opening Asanas