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Finding Tranquility Everyday Day 20: The Tranquil Sunday To Do List

Today, just pick one thing to do for yourself that is self-care.

Grow your Self and your Yoga Practice

Here is a list of all the things I have offered you these last 20 days, and a few new!

  1. Take a yoga class somewhere new
  2. Make yourself an amazing healthy meal with all this fresh farm produce out there. (this is my thing today)
  3. Try a new yoga pose after you do your salutations.
  4. Refresh your sacred space for the start of your next week, sage it up good!
  5. Make yourself a new playlist for the week for your yoga or your drive to work.
  6. Try the neti pot. 
  7. Try a different meditation. 
  8. Journal, on anything with a cup of tea, a glass of wine, and some soft music.
  9. Take a bath or foot bath.
  10. Go to the beach and watch the sunset, or a twilight walk in the park.

How to Sage Your Sacred Space

Macro or close up of dried bush of sage on abalone shell

  1. Buy a sage smudge stick or clumps of white sage
  2. Gather a bowl of sand or salt to extinguish with
  3. Take a few cleansing breaths and then light then end of your sage with the intention being to purify yourself and your space.
  4. “Smudge” or circulate the smoke of the sage around you and the area you wish to cleanse.
  5. You can do this with windows closed and then open them or keep them open the whole time.
  6. Extinguish the sage in your bowl.
  7. Sit quietly for a moment and just notice.

All of these things sound good to me! Enjoy a peaceful Sunday.

Finding Tranquility Everyday Day 19: I Can Change

I love this journey. It is like a meandering path, working it’s way in to the center, and then out again. Have you gone on your labyrinth walk yet? You will understand once you do. Since we are all working ourselves out again with the full moon approaching in a little over a week, you will find a few things may be happening:

IMG_8815Your energy field so to say, is hopefully changing.

There are some goals you might have set or have reached.

You are noticing your thoughts and behavioral patterns.

You are just more aware of life and life around you.

I worked myself in deep at the beginning of this journey. My creativity was at a high. I got to my center. It felt great. As I work my way out, I am noticing some garbage I need to clean up along the way.

This is tidy up time.

I have some family stuff going on, don’t we all. I don’t like it. It hurts, makes me angry, makes me lose my Zen place, and I do not feel heard at all. This garbage is causing me stress. This stress is causing me to leak a bit, making it a bit harder to stay in the “I am releasing negativity zone.”

This goes right along with my affirming intention though of seeking clarity. As I wind my way out of my celestial labyrinth, I am able to get clarity along the way. Remember, yoga is a process of undoing first, in order to come together.

We all process life in different ways. I get that and understand that. What I do not understand is those not wanting to change, when life is short. Holding on for dear life. I got on that roller coaster a few weeks ago so that very thing would not happen. I needed to make sure I checked my fear and my willingness to take a risk.

I Can Change

IMG_0674 JLDid I want to? Not really, risks mean a challenge. Challenge means getting out of my comfort zone, not everyone likes to do that. In the end, what do we have to lose? Pride? Ego? Vulnerability? Non-Acceptance?

Every situation is different. I know that the examination process of finding tranquility everyday is that I surrender a bit, stay present, keep my creativity up, be a good listener, and accept what life throws at me.

I pulled a card today, it said:

I can gradually change my vibrational frequency.

It may sound a little out there, but that is all we are doing when we change our thought and lifestyle patterns to become better versions of ourselves.

What have you noticed or changed these last few weeks?

What do you need to work harder and smarter on?

Enjoy the day now! Reflect as needed, but find that space within you of change and tranquility will come!



Finding Tranquility Everyday Day 18: Got Tranquility?

So last night I did not sleep well. It was hot and my son had a bad dream. He smashed in the big chair with me to snuggle. I nodded off here and there, but found myself not getting much sleep. I worked a lot yesterday between writing manuals, editing, cleaning the house, and teaching my classes.

It has been too busy.


My food goals have been really consistent, but my morning practice fizzled to more of getting a walk in or a few stretches. The food will rock your world though. I have not given up gluten in over 6 years or so. That is causing my body some fatigue and general ickyness.

The good thing is, I am making sure each day, that I get something in to keep my intentions alive. The downside is, I am too tired for my enjoyable early rising, and too tired to stay up late either. Is this what they call burnout?

My husband agrees we need a getaway, and so do I, but the whole point of this 30 days was to find some kind of peace during the chaos. Is it working?

Yes, in my mind, I am doing much better. I had a few struggles the last few days with complaining, but they were so short lived that I really noticed how much I have improved. My eating is substantially better, with no hiccups. The gluten is really rocking my world, I lost 4 pounds of what I feel was water in my body since giving it up on Tuesday.

Remember one day at a time.

Even as I write right now I am tired. So, I will get done what I have to get done, and then rest as much as I can. I will get the kids down to the lake for some play time, and maybe I can unplug a little while I am there.

While you may be following along, in the throws of it all, just note, find pieces in your day as you can. Do your breathing, have a walk or stretch break, drink a mocktail (a cocktail without alcohol or sugar), and soak your feet in a big bowl or pot of water outside. Listen to the sounds of summer while it lasts. That should get us a nice piece of tranquility.

Here are some busy time tranquility introspection

  • Ask for help in places you felt overwhelmed in your life.
  • Ask yourself, what did I do today to make me feel good?
  • Did I love myself today?
  • Was I compassionate to myself and others?
  • Was I grateful?
  • Can I fit in my 5-10 mins of meditation or breathing?
  • Can I fit in a yoga nidra or guided meditation?
  • Was I positively productive? Is my fatigue linked to good energy going out?
  • How will I get that energy back?
  • Did I stay in the moment?

Recipe for Rejuvenation Foot Bath


You will need:

A quiet spot outside or inside, maybe a book if you want to read.

A bowl or bucket big enough to fit both feet in comfortably.

Essential oils, such as lavender, peppermint, tea tree, eucalyptus, or orange.

Epsom salts or any kind of salt you like.

A tablespoon of carrier oil of some kind, like olive, avocado, jojoba, or sesame.

Optional fresh herbs or rose petals.

A soft towel for drying.

Something to sip on, like sparkling water with cucumber and mint.

Create your space outside at night with candles if you want to, or inside where you will be comfortable and not bothered. Place some nice cool water if it is hot out or warm water in your bowl. Add the salt, oil, and around 10 drops of oil of your choice in the water mindfully. Maybe you put your intention for some peace into it. Float some fresh herbs or flower petals in there. Soak your feet for as long as you want and then go to bed.

See you tomorrow!


Finding Tranquility Everyday Day 17: What to eat!

Your digestion is the little brain of your body.

We have done a lot of work on the mind these last two weeks. I know that it has done me a lot of good. It has guided me in the direction of my Sankalpa and manifesting my intentions. The other big piece of the puzzle is of course tending to our temple/bodies. Within our sadhana, some physical pieces throughout this 30 day awareness sadhana. I can tell you one of the first things I learned about our digestive system in my yoga training is that it acts as the little brain in your body.

This is a fascinating fact and at the time I learned that, I was just beginning to understand some things about myself. I also learned not to eat too much, so your stomach is only 1/3 full of food at a time, 1/3 full of liquid, and 1/3 empty. This is an Ayurvedic rule of thumb. You can search a lot of info on Ayurveda, the sister science of yoga, or wait until tomorrows entry, I will post a nice article on that.


Grocery bag isolated on white

I can tell you if you feel gassy, bloated or tired all the time, that you are eating the wrong foods. Examine your relationship with food and understand that  food is medicine. Food is fuel. Food is necessary.

I have tried numerous ways of eating, and I believe that a mostly macrobiotic way of eating suits me best. In the summer, I stray a bit away from it, but I am realizing that it is the best thing for me. You will hear about the 80/20 rule, 80% what works for you best as far as food goes and what is healthy, 20% do what you want. Everything in moderation.

I have tried the raw food diet, and really enjoyed it, but it is not the best thing for me digestionally. Only in the summer, when my agni or digestive fire is working better, can I indulge in a lot of raw foods. I do love the freshness of it all and the desserts are amazing, but I cannot have too much of it.

Kombucha is to me what coffee is to others. It is a fermented drink with lots of probiotics. I feel I need digestional support, and kombucha does that for me but also gives me a sort of buzz. It helps me wake up and feel more alert. There is no caffeine, it just wakes up my digestion helping me feel better. You can easily make your own, but I love the ginger GTS synergy brand, so I invest in a case of that every 2 weeks.

I have also tried removing the 5 things that aggravate us the most. I have done this several times where I take out gluten, caffeine, alcohol, refined sugar, dairy & meats. I learned that for me, sugar is getting easier to let go of every time I do a cleanse. Caffeine has never been a problem, we never got involved in my life. Meat no biggie, but I do love fish. Dairy, no problem. Alcohol, no biggie, it is more of a behavioral social thing.

That leaves us with gluten. SIGHHHH.

So gluten is the sticky stuff you find in wheat, barley, and some other grains. It is what makes our bread dough sticky and bake deliciously. It is in pasta of course, and anytime you bake with flour.  2 days into my gluten cleanse, I have lost 2 pounds of bloated belly it feels like. I think I am going to have to come to terms with this one. The wine and sugar cleanse was not nearly as powerful as letting go of gluten.

I am in denial. I love to bake bread, muffins, and make pancakes from scratch. Even though I use whole grains, organic, sprouted to try to be as clean as possible. This is not enough for me and my body I guess, and I must not be processing it. I will continue on with it for the last leg of our sadhana and see what happens, but I feel where this is headed already.

I can tell you losing unnecessary weight has become exceedingly difficult since having children, but also before as well. Eating too much of the wrong things, enjoying cocktails in my 20’s too much, and having a desk job was the wrong mix for my “type” of body. I have this awareness now and understand each persons Agni is different, some have stronger fire than others. My brother can eat anything, drink anything and always put on or lose the same 5 pounds. I am getting past unhealthy body obsession as we speak and have made great strides this year in accepting myself.

Know thy food

Figuring out what I should be putting into my body has been a huge quest of self exploration. Here is what I have learned:

  • We have too many options as a society
  • The food they sell us is usually crap
  • Be a good label reader
  • Watch the sodium content
  • Watch how much your food has been processed, especially if you eat dairy, they love to kill all the good stuff to increase expiration times
  • Know your sources, who you buy from and where the food is coming from
  • As the consumer, we help to make the choice on what to eat. It is hard to find companies that truly serve us well from farm to table.
  • Watch for marketing, I really don’t buy anything that is advertised on TV at all
  • Watch your levels of gas and bloating for food allergies
  • Take out at some point each of the 5 things I listed and see what is aggravating you
  • Cleanses work to a certain degree, but overall, just eating for your type works best
  • The 80/20 rule works well, but be aware that it could send you over the edge too if you are not careful, it is best to just eat what works best for you and your mind
  • We are all different, comparing yourself to someone else is ridiculous
  • Eat Food, Mostly Plants, Not too Much
  • Watch the seasons, we have 4, I will talk about this tomorrow. Eating for the seasons is very mindful
  • Eat organic as much as possible
  • Watch GMO’s. The label is not enough. They lie. I see non-gmo corn all the time now, but the truth is almost all of the corn we eat has been genetically modified. EW. It is killing our health and digestion.

Educate Yourself

Put some effort into exploring what you eat. If Wal-Mart is known for cheap products, you think their food is going to be any better? Wal-Mart organics? YEAH RIGHT! Read this letter from the co-director There are lots of “organic” companies, but the more money you got, the bigger you are, the more likely your product will be less organic and more savvy advertising.

You want to know this

Watch for the parent company which you can find on your labels of your foods, like:

Print this chart

  • Horizon is owned by Dean Foods, you do not want to eat anything by Dean
  • Cascadian Farms is General Mills
  • Clorox bought Burts Bees last year, yikes!
  • M&M/Mars is seeds of change organics
  • Smuckers, who still puts high fructose syrup in everything, hello got the memo? They own Santa Cruz.
  • You know who owns those Naked Juices you see everywhere? Coca Cola! What the hell do they know about juice? Don’t buy that crap! Make your own!

Here is another don’t buy do buy chart.

You see, this is where I get pissed. These companies don’t care, but if they buy a company that does, sometimes they stick to their motto of given us a good product but sometimes not. We have to do a lot of work to find out who is really making something worth investing in. So far, the thumbs up rating still goes to:

    • Alvarado Street Bakery
    • Amy’s Kitchen
    • Bob’s Red Mill
    • Cedarlane
    • Cliff Bar: Luna
    • Eden Foods
    • Equal Exchange
    • Frontier Natural Products: Simply Organic
    • Lundberg Family Farms
    • Nature’s Path: Country Choice Organic, Enviro-Kidz
    • Organic Valley: Organic Prairie
    • Pacific Natural Foods
    • Sno Pac
    • Springfield Creamery: Nancy’s
    • Traditional Medicinals
    • Yogi Tea

This is a short list. I suggest you get on the local organic bandwagon and find a CSA that is doing the work to keep your food clean. I belong to Geauga Family Farms. Share who you believe in if you like! Oh, and don’t shop at whole foods, those jokers are in a lot of trouble and selling you food that you could buy at Marc’s, they care about money, not about us.

Ok, I am done, see you tomorrow now that your brain is about to burst!