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Essence Maker

Essence Maker - A tribute to The Enchanted Grove in Willoughby, Ohio

Today I took a trip back in time. It was nothing really, just a routine visit to one of my most cherished people’s spiritual gift shop. I used to work there in my early 20’s, a time of planting seeds for becoming who I am today. This shop has been a pillar in my life as well as many others’.

But most of all, the woman who runs it, my spiritual mother, has given me so many gifts to make me the woman I am today.

I loaded up my 2 small children in the car, and headed into to the small historical street. I had a little flashback of warm summer mornings when I was the first to arrive at the shop. I could hear the summer wind, feel the humidity lingering on my skin as I got out of the car, and could smell the incense before I even got to the shop doors. I always felt like I was coming to a sort of haven or home for my soul when I would go there. Where I knew I could be safe and accepted for my eccentricities…

Essence Maker - A tribute to The Enchanted Grove in Willoughby, Ohio

You see, it is the essence of something that gives it power and life, and this shopkeeper has all of that. It just passes through you. Her selections of music opened a creative door in me way before I would play these same tracks in my asana classes. Her books are a pathway to what I teach and practice now. Her statues are a tribute to my heart practice of devotion. Through this shop I was able to travel the world…something I may never be brave enough to do except for in my head and heart.

Essence Maker - A tribute to The Enchanted Grove in Willoughby, Ohio

I carry with me at all times the essence or what we call bhava in yoga, the feeling mind. I am what I am today in part because of her and her magical shop. We all must bow to our teachers, as we have many of them. They come in all sorts of packages, but the teachers who give you bhava are the shapeshifters of our reality. Lighting candles becomes more meaningful, songs are filled to the brim with sacred nectar of soul, and the ritual dance of life finds rhythm.

Essence Maker - A tribute to The Enchanted Grove in Willoughby, Ohio

I needed that piece of me to come out again. It found its way because of the love and support of this woman, friend, teacher, mother and guide. As I light my own candles this morning and burn a stick of nag champa, an essence so sacred to her store, I am reminded of all of this. My growth from that special time in my life where every Saturday I was blessed to open her shop doors, to this time in my life where I am blessed to open my own yoga shop & studio doors each week.

It is with much gratitude that I bow to all of you who weave a web of enchantment for others.

Please visit this magical place in Willoughby, Ohio:

The Enchanted Grove
Owner, Aida Faria

My favorite enchanted things to do:

  • In the Summer (right now!), just listening to the breeze as I water my plant friends at sunrise is enchanting for me.
  • Walks in the woods
  • Visit a lake or river where it is quiet
  • Flip an oracle card
  • Dance to some magical music like Loreena McKennitt
  • Make fairy gardens with my children
  • Light a candle and take a bath
  • Retail therapy at my favorite shops The Enchanted Grove or Lion and Blue and my own Awaken Yoga Shop for trinkets to inspire!
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Playlist for Personal Power Practice

Playlist for Personal Power Practice

This week for some reason is astrologically crazy!

What is the solar plexus?

The location of the solar plexus is in your abdomen, so it encompasses all of those soft organs in there and a large part of the digestive system. It is also the mid part of your spine.

The essence of this center in the body is personal power and the ability to see things through in your life. It is your joy, vitality, transformational power, energy, radiance and confidence. When we are shy about our personal power, we do not seek to make change in our lives. We are shameful in our actions of personal power, or we feel deflated.

Play this playlist to inspire energy and power in your life, and uplift yourself! You create your own power and you can take your power back! Tell yourself in your mind or out loud “I AM TAKING MY POWER BACK” and feel free to preface it with a name if you have someone in your life that takes your power away.

Here are some tunes for you to keep your solar plexus in check, yoga style:

(Not all of these songs are on YouTube, but you can listen to samples to most of them on Click the song titles below!)

Nataraja Prelude by Shantala
Mother Water by Shamans Dream
Curried Ripples by Ganga Girl
Radhe Krishna by Cheb I Sabbah
Shiva’s Dance Hall by Earth Rise SoundSystem
Wake Me Up by Avicii
Ma Durga by Krishna Das
Let Your Heart Be Known (Acoustic) by Steve Gold
Shanti (Peace Out) by MC Yogi