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Doing the Crow

Bakasana is waiting for you, you just have to unpack it in pieces.

Try these asanas to get you there.

Bakasana  or crow pose is not only an arm balance but a hip opener so you have to prepare the body for both, once you work towards these asanas below you have the tools you need to condition your body to do crow, the mind stuff is on you, the yogi, to achieve to find the inner balance and focus. This is a great warming pose and a way to introduce arm balances into your body!


  • Warm up with Surya Namaskara for 3-10 rounds, Classical will help to open the hips
  • Insert Chataranga Dandasana into Surya Namaskara, drop the knees if you are not strong enough yet, but at least you can get the framework of the arms, as you can see above, Bakasana has chaturanga arms in its basic stage.
  • To strengthen the arms you can do deltoid push ups, these are when we turn the hands slightly in and then lower slow. Think inhale up, exhale down for 3 counts each.
  • Try to hold Chaturanga for 3 breaths and gently lower all the way down, try not to plop, you will need to use a lot of core for this, keep your shoulders back, do not crowd your ears, practice this a few times every day to build strength
  • If low Malasana or yogic squat is hard, practice this for 10 breaths several times a day to open up the groin and hips.
  • Practice Lizard pose until you feel you can hold the asana for 8 breaths on the hands or forearms, use blocks until you can do away with them.
  • Practice doing crow on your sit bones:
    • Sit on the floor with your knees bent
    • Lift your heels so your big toes are the only thing to touch the floor
    • Widen your knees and bring your arms to the inside of your legs like doing crow on your sitbones
    • You will want to try to get the outside of your arms to slide down your legs so the knees are higher than the elbows
    • Tip back onto your sit bones like you do in boat pose and squeeze the arms to the legs, do this for 8-10 breaths to get the crow sensation in the body, activate the lower core a lot by drawing up and in.
  • Other helpful asanas you will find will be: Virabhadrasana I, Lolasana with blocks, Tolasana, Plank, Uttanasana, and perfecting your Vinyasas.
  • Remind yourself to breath and practice everyday, and soon your find the confidence to fly!

crow asanas

This article is designed for those with an instilled asana practice who understand the way to modify and practice the asanas listed. If you do not know these asanas yet or have not practiced them, ask a qualified teacher for help! Most teachers offer private sessions and can work with you one on one to help you achieve your asana goals. Pictures never replicate practice and good instruction! 

Jennifer has been teaching yoga practices like asana, meditation and pranayama for over 10 years in Northeast, Oh. She owns her own small studio outside Cleveland called Awaken Yoga. For more information on private sessions or skype private sessions, email her at hello@awakenyoga.com. 

Feel free to post your questions, I am happy to help!